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Are You Ready To Start Your Online Business?

Are You Ready To Start Your Online Business? (really…)

Many well-known entrepreneurs have started their online business and become famous for their inventions, ideas, and dreams.

Note that although working from home doesn’t necessarily dictate success, but one can’t help but notice that working from home may perhaps have afforded them peace of mind that allowed them to work on their dreams comfortably.

Sister Schubert’s Rolls The famous yeast rolls lady who boasts the buttery rolls, blueberry bread, and now even cornbread delight started in her own home. Using her kitchen as a test site, Sis. Schubert rolled, baked, tested, and delivered yeast rolls right from her kitchen! She started by operating a home-based catering business called The Silver Spoon. She used a Parkerhouse rolls style recipe that she got from a family hand-down, and the rolls were dubbed “Everlasting Rolls”.

Today she has a manufacturing site, of course, because the business is so huge, but she had the courage and insight to start her empire from her home kitchen, and boy, are we glad she did!

Microsoft Computers Ever heard of a company called Microsoft or an application called Windows? What about a man named Bill Gates? I’m sure you have, but this gentleman, along with a friend, started the colossal business known today as Microsoft in their garage!

Two little geeky, nerdy guys who were in college deciding to tinker around with some programming, and the rest, as they say, is history. These are just a couple of examples of famous people who have made a living working from their home setting and building businesses that yielded significant attention.

With their contributions and their examples, you, too, have the motivation that it takes to succeed!

Any Disadvantages?

Like anything else and anywhere else, there are disadvantages to an issue that may seem all-glorious and all wonderful on the surface. Working at home is not any different. Therefore, you should really seriously consider the disadvantages of working from home and all involved with the lifestyle.

First, consider whether you are really ready for the work at the home lifestyle you are considering. Without all of the romance, the lofty ideals, and the pluses that can be misconstrued as generalities, let’s look at some authentic considerations that you should focus on before you get started in this.

Patience Do you have the patience and wherewithal that it will take for you to make a go of your business or work at a home job until it is self-sustaining? Do you have the funds and support you need to wait until your income is enough to support you and your family?

Without regard to the perks, consider the time it will take to ramp up your business to create a decent income. Depending on the type of business that you pursue or the type of company you go to work for, you may be in for a lengthy and/or involved process to get things to where they need to be for you to see some progress in that area.

How much of an income do you need to generate to live? Sit down and accurately figure out what you need to make weekly and/or monthly before you are ready to embark on a new business idea or venture.

Be realistic in your expectation level and with your expenses. Are you ready to withstand the lean times that will come while working towards building that income? Having a steady income with a traditional job is a definite level of comfort for some individuals. It can be quite unnerving to think that you are responsible for your payment, whether you’re good at what you do or not.

The stability of a guaranteed paycheck from a regular job can quickly become a preference over making the lifestyle of work at home entrepreneur.


Benefits are an essential consideration for the work at home employee. Oftentimes, they have a family to support and need the benefits to make their lives easier. It would help if you considered the services, or rather the lack of benefits that work at a home individual is without while he or she builds up their income.

Benefits can include health and life insurance, dental insurance, paid sick leave, and even maternity leave. You should seriously think about NOT having access to these benefits as a contract worker and find out how you can support your family in the absence of them.

Many companies hire freelancers or contractors as a way to avoid paying benefits to their workers. A plus for them, but a minus for you. Although this is how they save money, you must consider you and your family’s health and well-being and the security of having medical and dental benefits that they will need while pursuing your dream of working for yourself. Can they do without the services?


Time is another disadvantage that goes along with the aforementioned schedule and flexibility. One of the drawbacks to consider having such a flexible time is, having such a relaxed time.

When you pursue the lifestyle of the work at home person, you also have to consider the amount of time that you will put in and the toll that it takes on the body. Yes, there is flexibility, but there are also deadlines.

If there are deadlines to meet with the work at home business, they must be met. Whether that is in the middle of the night, with or without a sick child and other responsibilities looming over you to get done, it is up to you to make it all happen.

Time is one of the few commodities that we don’t have control over. We all have the same amount of time given to us day in and day out. It’s up to us to maximize that time to make everything happen within that time that needs to. Is the work at home lifestyle for everyone? No, it isn’t. It would help if you considered the advantages and disadvantages and your own lifestyle before deciding that it is (or is not) something that you would like to pursue.

Of course, it IS a wonderful way to make a living. And, with so many creative, wonderful ways to do it, it’s hard not to be excited about how everyone can enjoy this lifestyle as well.

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