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How to properly use FTP?

FTP? What is FTP?

Is this mystery just for beginners?
Have you been buying loads of ‘ready-made’ products or ‘turn-key’ websites or even attempted to create your own website yourself but don’t know what on earth you’re supposed to do with the files afterward?
Admittedly, those .html files, collection of folders, .css files, and so on can seem very daunting – I was once there!

You ask around and have you heard people say…

*Upload the files to your website…
*Setup your website…
*Transfer this to this sub-directory…
*Create a new directory here…
*Create a new folder in your root…

But…You stumped and confused! You don’t know where to start because you can’t find video tutorials that go from A to Z on how to go from setting up your domain and website and upload your files to your website.
Many have not even heard of FTP, and even if they have heard, they do not know what FTP can do.

You’re not alone.
Most people don’t know how to go from creating files to getting them on their website.

These roadblocks can often become frustrations that lead to not taking action, and this roadblock keeps you from learning what is necessary to read your goals.

There is a slight tiny learning curve, just like anything else, but it is straightforward… if you know how to do it with FTP.
If you want to get rid of this one last obstacle standing in the way of you having 100s of sites online, then you’ll want to watch this essential video series about FTP.
Check it out in the link below…

Through the link above, you will discover how easy to use and very helpful FTP is.

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