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Want a medal for no merit?

ATTITUDE is everything to receive a medal. feature img

If you go on the road with “I will prove to you all that I can’t,” that is it. You can’t.

Do you want a diploma for powerlessness? A medal for no merit? The prize for the inactive of the month?

What exactly do you hope to gain from life and people? Would you like to succeed and receive a medal? But you’re afraid of 1000 different things.

That you waste time, that you lose money, that you will waste yourself in other attempts, that you will be ridiculed, that you will fail, and the more you fear. With so many fears, do you think you can get a medal? When you are in front of a big dream, I would like to tell you that you never go on the road, trying to do everything in one piece. You, like any of us, are scared of a huge project.

If you think your dream is impossible, why not dismantle it in parts and try to attack a lesser challenge to prove to yourself that the hell is not so black. It starts with something smaller in mind.

Have you heard of the rat race? A rat that runs on a wheel spins continuously without ever getting anywhere. At some point in our lives, most of us end up feeling like in a race.

We study and work for 40 years to support ourselves, then to support a family and, at one point, we wake up because we know nothing more than work! Only when we are addicted, sick, poor, exhausted, and confused, and wonder: “Where did I go wrong? I just did everything I needed !?” That’s the problem with the rat race. You have an endless road, and you don’t get any medals, absolutely nothing.

We are driven by fear and worry instead of following, with COURAGE, what we really want. But if we are honest, we have a chance. We can create our destiny, and we can turn our fate in our favor. If we were to choose the main cause of our suffering and our release, most of us could realize that our work has a decisive role.

Let’s do a little imagination exercise. When you go to work, do you feel that you are loaded with energy and passion or draining energy?

You work because you need money, thinking that you will get rid of this traumatic work one day. But when will that day be? No one tells you, neither in the family nor at school, at work or in the media, how to be free, happy, and fulfilled.

We will not be the goldfish for you, but we have a solution for how you make money. We know a solution to help you work with great pleasure and satisfaction: the money, the economic systems, and social work to your disadvantage. You seem to win, but more often, you lose without awareness. Whatever money you earn, they are never enough if you are caught up in consumerism.

It’s never enough. You are never good enough. And it is said that you will be a good man if you always buy objects. Obviously, you have to work to make money for them. But until you realize that you are fooled, that work that dries you, but from which you can not stop, consumes your energy and life.

This is how the DISEASE begins to manifest. Stress causes the immune system to decline, leading to chronic and addictive diseases. We lose connections with loved ones, family, nature, and divinity – that is, those real connections that truly nourish the soul.

Life becomes a continuous effort that attracts reproaches, accusations, and blame. A profound failure. Is this the medal you want?

What happened?

Our intentions were good, and our efforts huge. And we got to hell. The question is: what do you do from now on?

Whether the illness manifests itself, or separation or suffering in any form, they are here to awaken us. There are, however, some people who survive this first wave, this rat race. And if we look at what most of these awake people are doing to change their lives fundamentally, it is the fact that they focus on changing one thing that will change their whole lives.


Instead of choosing an unpleasant job, accepting a life-long effort that psychically destroys them, they change the old model with a new one by 180 degrees.

They seek to do that fulfilling work, which brings energy and allows them to earn money as they make an effort. When they manage to do this, they gain their freedom of movement, free up time and start to make room for their own LIFE.

• They can take better care of their health.

• They can have a real connection with the family for real, with a real connection.

• They can travel, get to know the world, they can experiment. That is, they can live their LIFE as it was meant to be lived. We went from head to tail through the experience I described above. You can say we were lucky if you will, but in fact, we quickly figured out how to get out of this rat race.

• Maybe we are more rebellious and do not swallow too much shit for too long.

• Maybe we are very curious about threads, and we are always looking for solutions.

• Maybe we like to create new things and our own lifestyle. If you choose to go with us, it may be one of the decisions of your life. Or you can stop reading and forget you’ve ever come here. At present, few earn what they like. We have a concrete method for you that can help you do what you really like. Forever!

And you can:

• To get to live freely.

• To feel excellent in your life.

• To be successful and to live your dream that, until now, you did not even dare to look in front.

Now the big moment of AHA can follow for you. We were taught that if we don’t work hard, we don’t deserve it! What we do for pleasure is not considered work, so we rarely do it. It scares us the idea that we could easily earn money.

When we do not work hard, we feel that we are not working hard. We are struggling alone. We are afraid to earn money without doing a job we don’t like. Most of the people we met felt that what we do is not real work.

You may have wondered:

• How is it possible to teach others something and make money from it?

• How can you post on Facebook, Instagram, film yourself, and make money?

• How can you talk about your hobbies and make money?

Have you noticed that successful people make things seem easy? It seems easy for them to do them out of passion. This is where “money draws money.” And then why not do everything out of passion? Over time, we have been rooted in the idea that we are not good enough and programmed to compensate only through a lot of hard work.

To have what another has, I will have to work a lot harder to equal it. By increasing our self-confidence, we will realize that we can work less and have more and more. It is a counterintuitive concept. But that’s exactly what happens when you start to work out of passion.

Hard work becomes a pleasure, the results grow, and when we raise our heads from the ground, our horizons widen. Our invitation to you is a strong and clear one! You will have your own medal.

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Basically, you earn 2 essential things from this trip: BENEFITS + SKILLS. The benefits come with the course and are the things that make your learning easier and will help you overcome every obstacle that appears in the course of your online course.

The new skills you have learned remain your whole life. And once you have them, you will be the man who now knows how to take an online course, what to say in it and how to sell it. Let’s start with the ABILITIES.

We will tell you 12, but I think to the end there will be at least two more times:

1. You will create quality content for your audience, content that will catch people, super good, easy to digest, which fascinates the audience.

2. You will succeed in promoting yourself with confidence and courage. That is, you will be able to pull your chest forward and know that you are doing well. Once you know the method and already know that it is tested and will bring results, you will have no fear.

3. You will never have the problem that you are “up to ideas.” You will always be inspired, so you can always provide value to your audience through what you do.

4. You will have the ability to sell informational products online successfully.

5. You will know how to write articles, posts, valuable emails for your potential customers.

6. You will have the ability to successfully launch any educational, informational product in the online environment. Basically, you will know how to take a product from 0 and make it known to an audience interested in the topic.

7. You will create a relationship based on trust and value with many people at once without having to meet with them physically. You will do so with the help of email and social media.

8. You will have the courage to expose your work in front of hundreds and thousands of people without fear.

9. You will know how to brand yourself and make yourself known on the internet.

10. You will know how to build an educational journey to learn new skills in a field. You will know exactly how to make people learn from an online course. Basically, you will know how to make quality online courses that help people.

11. You will know how to gather the audience interested in your topic and how you can communicate with them without paying other ads or depending on others’ platforms. Basically, you will know how to build a list of subscribers to your newsletter.

12. You will have the ability to work from anywhere with a laptop and an internet connection.

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Let’s move on to the concrete BENEFITS! Or, as we like to say: “Okay, brother, and what happens to me if I do this?”

1. You will work with pleasure in your course at your own online business. The biggest benefit to me seems to be that you will never work on something you don’t like. You will work in maximum flow, with desire, passion, and energy.

2. You will work only for yourself. You will be your own boss in this. No one will be able to decide for you. No one will give you orders. You will have 100% freedom of decision!

3. Speaking of freedom, another major benefit is that you will work from anywhere, anytime, whenever and as you please. Whether you want to work from the office or a coffee shop, you will choose. Night or day when you want. This is called freedom! You will be a free man!

4. You will no longer feel like you are working for someone else, but you will feel like you are working on your dream.

5. You will have the opportunity to grow as much as you want. Because it does not limit you to a fixed salary or a certain system, you have the chance to become the best-known author in the country.

Nothing will stop you in your evolution. Until now, there has never been a better chance to become an online author to show someone how to launch your own course.

Take advantage of this opportunity now! It would be a shame to regret later that you had the chance, but you kicked it, because….

Who knows, some fears have stopped you. Make yourself a gift! In the end, put yourself first. You will be grateful for the good decision you made.

Start on the path of your financial release with us, and you will not be left behind.

We’ll take you to the end of the road. Join Now in Passion2Profit! After joining, you will receive many free tips and information.

Want a medal for no merit? Of course not.

Choose the path you want and see more explanations here.

Then, if you want to go ahead, sign up with courage and confidence.

Don’t forget, there you will not be alone. Once learned, everything will be simple and easy. It’s like running a bicycle. Jump into the water.

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