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How to get traffic with an excellent network?

If you ask online marketers what is the most important thing for their business, most 99% will answer – traffic. Yes, many say that traffic is the blood of their business.

One of the best internet traffic platforms is The Downliner. Below is a review of this platform.

I’ve been a member of The Downliner for a few months now, and I would have to say that I am highly impressed. I’ve been involved with a few other traffic coops; however, The Downliner is a complete game-changer.

So far, I like to use the text ads, and with that, I have consistently gotten over 50% click-thru rate with over 5000 – 9000 views in a 24-hour time frame, which has also resulted in a few sign-ups to my main businesses! Very impressive!

Ok, so what exactly is The Downliner other than AMAZING?

The Downliner is a traffic exchange coop that ultimately generates traffic to your websites. It is one of the latest breakthroughs in coop advertising and serves as an efficient and effective way of promoting while generating passive income for all members. It allows anyone to add their website link with stats then receive traffic from many different sources,, including PTCs, Safelists, Traffic Exchanges, Classified Ads, CPC traffic, and social media.

You can register as a free or paid member and start using the platform immediately. You use points to purchase traffic/views to your websites and earn points by either buying them or promoting your coop link.

When promoting your coop link, you earn 1:1, which is 1 point per unique view.

As a free member, you can earn 10% monthly recurring commissions per referral, and if you are a paid member, you can earn 30% monthly recurring commissions when your referral upgrades. Free members can advertise on 3 websites, and paid members can promote 10 websites in the campaign.

What makes this system utterly unique is that you can advertise your sites using banners, text ads (my favorite) and because we can post our sites too on Social Media. The social posts are shown on Twitter, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Pinterest without even having an account!

The Downliner has an anti-cheat system that prevents users from other traffic exchanges from using auto-surf bots to gain credits and a timer set with a recurring period valid for 5 minutes wherein views from the same surfers within that period are not counted. This ensures that your cooperative views are not wasted, and deductions for them come from unique views only from traffic exchanges.

The Downliner is attractively advertising The TE Coop and us. It displays our Gravatar photo, it shows how many points we just earned by displaying the site, and it persuades the viewer to sign-up to the coop and promotes their ad on thousands of sites daily, just like what we are doing here.

This is incredibly compelling to earn a 30% recurring commission from our referrals, and I assure you that everyone who tries The Downliner advertising would not cancel their subscription any time soon. There’s no need to advertise our referral link; we only need to rotate our co-op link!

Most members who joined find the best way to start is by adding a banner to the system then adding their own social links. Once this is done, you should add the sites you wish to promote. Once approved, your site will be in rotation on the network.

You have the option always to upgrade your account, and we only offer 1 paid option (except for the One-Time offer). Free members receive 10% commission, and Paid members receive 30%. The cost to upgrade is $9.99 per calendar month, costing much less than you would pay for a monthly membership at any leading Traffic Exchange or Safelist. The price includes 6,800 shop points equivalent to 5,400 Cooperative Views or two 30 day banner or text ads and is given each month you remain active.

Start promoting your websites now in The Downliner. I assure you’ll get compelling TE advertising and a consistent monthly recurring income.

If you want more traffic opportunities, visit this page.

If you want to get more leads to your business, join this great platform.

How To Build An Online Business Of Your Choice?

To build an online business, you need to know your skills passions, whatMethod To Open Or Delete Access Database LDB/LACCDB File | Aarteez areas you want to work for, what you need to learn, what steps you need to take to become a good businessman and more.

What sells best on the internet? The answer is simple: information.

Information about: building a business online, learning to play the violin or piano, building a house, technical data, law, art and culture, home and garden, travel, history, medicine, and much more.

For all this, first of all, you must have the right mentality for the field of activity. You must also have the desire and ambition to learn everything necessary to achieve your goal. Be diligent focused, and apply what you have learned. Without these, you will not succeed.

To build an online business, you have to choose: you want to go a long way or the short way.

1. – The long road.
The long way is if you want to learn on your own by searching the internet for different sites or searching Youtube to find out.
Of course, for all this, you will not pay anything. All are free.
But will you know how to put all this together to work perfectly? Certainly not, and the result will be zero.
You just wasted precious time.

Do you know what is more valuable in business? Time.
Time is more precious than money.

2. – The short road.
If you choose to go the short way, you need to learn from someone with experience. You don’t have to go through suffering and pain to build your business.
He learns all the necessary steps in the correct order from someone with experience because he went through all this. He may become your mentor.
He will show you how to build your business and explain why you must do certain things to understand everything possible. If you don’t understand something, you can ask him.
This way, you will gain a lot of time and achieve the proposed goal much faster.

So which path do you choose? The long way or the short form?
As a term of comparison, it is like when you want to travel a very long way between city A, located at one end of the continent, and city B, located at the other end of the continent.
What do you choose, to walk for free or do you want to pay to go by car, train or plane?

I created this site for all of the above: Chris Business Today – Passion2Profit.
Additionally, I have created two more sites through which I have made some additions to my site above, and I promote affiliate products. These sites are Internet Jungle and A Wonderful Life For You And Your Family.

You can get all the ways to build an online business on this site.
What do I offer? See the first page here and then see the second page.

If you want, you can subscribe to my site, and you can find out more by email. Through emails, not only to read the titles and not only to open and read them but also to open all the links inside and to read or watch the recommended videos. Only then will you be better informed.

You can choose:

if you want to learn, you can see all the opportunities here.

Here you will be able to get video lessons and courses, software, and e-books. By learning all this, you will be able to learn all the skills and then, if you want, you can discover others.

For starters, I recommend an introductory course for beginners and not only, which includes all the technical aspects, marketing, and all the necessary steps to build an online business.
Sign up for it, and you will receive a lot of information by email for free. Purchase it, learn and apply. You will be able to see the video on how it is practically done.

if you do not want to learn, but you want to get an online business with more things for free, you can navigate through the top menu of the site and choose the desired item.

If you do not know English very well, you can translate it into any language using the button at the top right of the page.
I wrote several articles with explanations about each opportunity. Join all this or whatever you think suits you. Get the affiliate link and promote it.

What do you need to do after you have built your online business?

All you have to do is make your business known to the world.
For this, you have to get traffic, a lot of traffic, even a lot of traffic. Traffic must be your primary activity. Get Your Own Website!
By promoting your products or affiliate products, you will get leaders, you will make a lot of sales, and of course, you will make money.

You will also see on this site some articles about MLM platforms. I promote these platforms, only the legal ones, which sell different products and joined; I tested them and kept only the ones that work very well.

These have been in operation for over 20 years and have hundreds or thousands of members worldwide. There are tens of thousands of testimonials from people who are very happy with their results. Earnings are monthly for life.
Many MLM platforms can be used for free, and others for a small fee.
If you want to make money without working, advertise them, join anyone you want, and promote your affiliate member link intensely. You have to be patient first; the results depend on how active you get traffic. Register for these and try them for free.

To get a lot of traffic, you can join any platform you want on this page.
Many of these traffic platforms offer you the opportunity to create a website for free, create an autoresponder, and create a list of subscribers. Everything is free.

If you are involved in several businesses, a site is beneficial. Promoting your products, affiliate products, and MLM links simultaneously is much easier than promoting each one separately. You only promote your site, and thus, you gain valuable time.

In conclusion, which path do you choose, the longer or, the shorter?

If you wish, register on this site using the form at the top right of the page, and you will receive more information by email.
If you want to ask me something about the above, you can reply to the email or open a ticket at the email address received.

If you want to build an online business, choose any path you want to follow from this site. Learn, follow all the recommended steps and apply. Promote everything you create, get traffic, leaders, and make as much money as possible.

Success is yours. Get your hands on it without delay; you are the boss, the decision is yours.

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Invitation To Get A High Monthly Income

It is effortless to build for a huge income. Made in USA: 10 idei simple de afaceri pe internet
Just 30 minutes, and you are in a successful online business.
With a bit of effort, you will get a monthly income for life.
This monthly income will increase month after month, year after year.
(If you want to translate this page into any language, use the top right button of this page).

For this, I mean the MLM (multi-level-marketing) system.
This system is the easiest to use. You don’t have to learn anything; you don’t have to create a website, you don’t have to get subscribers, you don’t have to create products, you don’t have to sell anything, and much more.

You have to join an MLM platform that offers some earning opportunities. There are probably over 100,000 MLM companies today, including some that have become household brand names, such as Avon, Amway, Mary Kay, Herbalife, GDI, SFI, ClubShop, and many more.

They have become brand names since they have been operating for many years, some even for over 20 years.
But many people are skeptical. They don’t even try. If they don’t like it, they can unsubscribe. (I said something below for the skeptics).
But are MLM platforms deceptive?

Here are some very successful platforms.

This can be done by using two platforms of your choice or both.
If you want, I suggest you use both. The gains will be excellent.

These are GDI (Global Domains International) and SFI (Strong Future International). You’ve probably heard of them. But what many do not know is how to use it to their full potential.

Their new subscriber sets up his username, customizes the desired payment system (PayPal or any other), and receives his affiliate link. In a few minutes, everything is ready to promote this link in the world.

To shorten, I wrote more details, and please read this page patiently. Also, on this page, you will see two other platforms, GDI Team Elite and Home Business Ideas And Opportunities. Income Calculator
These latest platforms promote GDI and SFI with great success.

To use SFI, you do not have to pay anything, only if you want to upgrade.
To use GDI, you will be able to use it for free for seven days, after which the cost will be $ 10 per month (for your domain, and hosting is free).

I use both GDI Team Elite and Home Business Ideas And Opportunities platforms for faster and more success.
The success is remarkable.

Both are free and help you build free sites with your codes inserted on them to get as many referrals as possible. Remember that you will get this site with just one click. Woman on a laptop working on her SFI business.

Both platforms have built-in user guides and banner building to advertise. If you want to know more about the second platform, you can subscribe for free here on my website.
You don’t have to sell anything; both platforms will work for you.

To stimulate you and show you that it works very well, if you want to sign up for GDI, I will allow you to use it for free, not only for 7 days but for 30 days.
Yes, you got it right; I will allow you to use it for free for 30 days.
I will email you a gift card for a month of free use. You will register for GDI only through the link of the card I sent to your email address. This is the only way you will be able to use GDI for free. Don’t forget to send me your email, and don’t sign up through another link because I also receive other affiliates who do not request this for GDI.

Email me a short text at
My first name is …
My last name is …
The address with which I will register at GDI is … (your email address).
Yes, send me my gift card because I want to use GDI for free for 30 days.”

But please note: I can only fulfill this wish for three affiliates per month. So first come, first served. So, if you want to take advantage of this opportunity, send me an email with your details immediately.
Also, please note that a gift card is valid for 14 days to be used. If the gift card is not used during this time, I will withdraw it and give it to someone else.

The list remains open because, next month, I will again have the opportunity to offer gift cards to three other people. So hurry up.

After 30 days of free use, I will show you how to increase your earnings 15 times to level 1, but you can find out for yourself since you are a member there. You will find many other great things, bonuses to win 100, 250, 2500, and even 5000 dollars in the first month.

If you want to get more information and see what others have to say about how easy it is to earn with GDI, watch one of these videos below for free:

read the whole page with some information, or read the information in Spanish.

– a video with detailed information and what others say; or for those who want, see details in German; or see details in Spanish.

– a fun cartoon video with explanations for anyone.

How many members could you add to your team?
How much money could you earn each month? The monthly income is continuously increasing month by month.
See below a video, an example of a lady – GDI member.


Again, if you want to take advantage of the free 30-day opportunity, don’t sign up through the videos above and send me your details at, and you will only sign up via the gift card link which you will receive from me.

Act now and go for your financial freedom.

For those who are suspicious about this system:

Multilevel marketing, network marketing, and what we have often called “pyramid schemes” have given home businesses a bad rap.
Multilevel and network marketing is a concept that happens in almost every industry and social organization in existence.
It’s not the system that’s wrong. The people have used a perfect business tool to use in a bad way.
It’s like saying that cars are a “scam” because people use them to transport and hide drugs as they come across the border. Does that make cars bad? Of course not.
Neither is there anything wrong with multilevel marketing and network marketing. It is very powerful and gives a team of people the ability to make more money in a shorter period while enjoying more freedom to control their financial future.

I honestly say that at first, I was suspicious too. I couldn’t believe that you could earn such a high monthly income without too much work and learning anything.
I saw what those who joined this system said. Almost most were suspicious at first. I found that some have been winning since 2006 (see here at the bottom of this page).
After checking both platforms, GDI and SFI, reading and watching all the videos, I told myself that I should try, and if I didn’t like it, I would unsubscribe. I was also convinced that both platforms are good because they have been running for over 20 years.

I joined this system and created my sites following their instructions step by step. It was straightforward. See the designed sites: the first site, the second site, and the third site.
All my work is to promote links to these sites to get traffic and find others to join me.
Then they have to do the same. Everyone who joins this system will get a monthly income. All you need is serious involvement in promoting these sites.

I joined the two platforms GDI Team Elite and Home Business Ideas And Opportunities, to achieve faster success.
From these platforms, I got substantial support that opened my eyes to other opportunities. One of these is AIOP. It helped me get even more traffic (see here where I get many traffic and followers).

Imagine if all people were aware of the fantastic earning potential offered by these two platforms, GDI and SFI, then there will be an avalanche of registrations. Everyone wants substantial gains, guaranteed.

You can use GDI for just $ 10 a month with many other great deals inside (watch the whole video and see all the opportunities and see what others are saying).

Links to Visit for More Information:

The Main Company Site – in English
The Main Company Site – in Spanish
Presentation of All Opportunities and User Testimonials – in English.
Presentation of All Opportunities and User Testimonials – in Spanish.
Presentation of All Opportunities and User Testimonials – in German.
TV interview with GDI Founders – Michael Starr and Alan Ezeir.
GDI Offers presentation – cartoon.
Registering a Site Domain in Any Language in the World.

You can use SFI for free with many fantastic offers inside. Start FREE, no-obligation, and no purchase requirements ever.

– Work from the comfort of your home, or as you travel, on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
– More than 100,000 quality goods and services from vendors worldwide.
– Thousands of SFI affiliates around the world earn commissions every day.
– Excellent long-term residual income potential.

See here what other members are saying and how they earn.

Now, to all those who have joined the GDI team through this link, I would like to offer them a reward and my thanks. For everyone, below, I dedicate an extraordinary video – show of the two divas J.Lo & Shakira (to your satisfaction, open full-screen video).

Imagine if everyone was aware that no one would lose anything if they joined GDI and SFI. If there is an avalanche of enrollments every day, everyone will get huge monthly earnings.

Hundreds of thousands of people signed up, even companies on the verge of bankruptcy, all of them escaped bankruptcy. It’s fantastic.
But where do you find many eager people to start an online business and make big monthly profits?

The most excellent satisfaction I got was after joining MLGS. Here we found dedicated people who want a lot of passion to create their own business and achieve success.
Many people have joined me from this platform, and now I get traffic, followers, and money. Yes, this platform has an integrated system to obtain additional monthly income, and these incomes are not small. Join this platform, send emails daily, and you will get the desired satisfaction.

With these three innovative platforms, you will save time and money. It’s amazing.
Opportunity first (A fantastic girl!).
Opportunity second (Smart guy!).
The third opportunity – get money fast in automatic mode.

To get as much traffic as possible, I joined all the traffic sites on this page. They also get extra monthly income from most.

That’s about my success. There is a lot to say, but you will discover them along the way. If you also want to get satisfaction in your business, do not hesitate to get involved in everything I have shown you above.
Get Your Own Website!
I know you will say there is too much to do. Yes, you’re right, but you don’t have to do them all in one day. Work a little every day. This is the beginning of building a business, you have to work harder, but after everything is made, it all comes down to getting traffic and followers.

You don’t have to join all the platforms from the beginning, only the most important ones. But if you want to succeed faster, then I recommend you apply them all. You will get monthly income from everything, and you will be happy with your success. 

If you want to know more, subscribe for free to my site, and I will send you more news and more opportunities for free.

Your life is about to change and we are happy to be part of that new experience of your existence, giving you all the strategies to get where you want to be.

The advantages offered by a team in an online business built according to the MLM system:
“I would rather have one percent of 100 people’s efforts than 100 percent of my own.”
– Andrew Carnegie

Be Serious.
Could you not treat it like a joke. Your business is your soul and not a mere hobby. It starts with the right mindset, and if you’re willing to succeed, you have to be ready to make sacrifices… That means spending more time investing in yourself, networking with your industry peers, studying up on the latest trends, and applying them because knowledge is useless without application.

“If at the end of your life you regret not having done something and you have not fulfilled a burning desire, it means that you have lived in vain.”

“Dreams without goals are just dreams, and they ultimately fuel disappointment. Goals on the road to achievement cannot be achieved without discipline and consistency.”
– Denzel Washington

Through the above platforms, you will have a much better life. If you want this for your family members and friends on social sites, make them known using the buttons below. Thank you very much.

What Are The Magic Buttons To Get Ever-Increasing Monthly Income?

With over 3.2 billion people actively using the internet, we are entering a Buton Fotografii de stoc, Imagini de stoc si Vectori | Stockfresh massive transformation in how the world works. Some want to get information, others want to have fun, others want to learn, but most want to do business and get consistent monthly income, that is, to make money.

Many people search the internet for “magic buttons” to press and get money instantly. They want to make money without working and without offering anything in return. This type of button does not exist.

There are other buttons on the internet, but those with an open mind only see those open minds for various opportunities to earn monthly income.
Some want to learn how to do business online. Even if they think it is too complicated and does not want to learn, others can find other opportunities, much simpler to use, high impact, and less work.

In recent years, competition has been growing in online business. For this, many experienced online business people have found some “magic buttons”, and it works on the principle – “give, and you will earn much more“.

For this, I mean the MLM (multi-level-marketing) system.
This system is the easiest to use. You don’t have to learn anything; you don’t have to create a website, you don’t have to get subscribers, you don’t have to develop products, you don’t have to sell anything, and much more.

You have to join an MLM platform that offers some earning opportunities. There are probably over 100,000 MLM companies today, including some that have become household brand names, such as Avon, Amway, Mary Kay, Herbalife, GDI, SFI, GDC, ClubShop, MLGS, and many more.

They have become brand names because they have been operating for many years, some even for over 20 years.
But many people are skeptical. They don’t even try. If they don’t like it, they can unsubscribe.
But are MLM platforms deceptive?

There are literally hundreds of intelligent ways to make money online. Loyalty and persistence are the keys to success in this business, as in many other aspects of life.

These magic buttons are not for the frightened or skeptical. Only those with an open mind have applied these, and there are hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of satisfied users.
Below are some magic buttons that offer excellent opportunities to learn how to generate extraordinary wealth with legitimate sources to earn money online from the safety and comfort of your home, with just a few different skills!

Magic buttons to get consistent monthly income.

1. Global Domains International (GDI) – is one of the fastest-growing and most profitable income opportunities globally.

GDI offers the opportunity to create a global business with its digital products, create a website in any language with a specific domain and hosting, and guides with lots of information, all for $10 a month.
Then offer a compensation plan to make money.

The GDI compensation plan is based upon a multilevel model. Each level can be built infinitely wide, and you will benefit from every affiliate going down as far as 5 levels in your network.

How many members could you add to your team?
How much money could you earn each month? The monthly income is continuously increasing month by month.
See below a video, an example of a lady – GDI member.

Or this:

To stimulate you and to show you that it works very well for me, if you sign up for GDI, I will allow you to use it for free for 30 days.
If you want, please send me your first name, last name, and email address with which you will register at GDI and the desire to get the 30 free days at
I will send you a 30-day gift card in your email. You will register for GDI only through a particular link sent by GDI at my request to your email address. That’s why I need your full name, your email address with which you will register with GDI, and your consent.
If you want to use GDI for free for 30 days or more, do not sign up through another link, as I receive other members who do not request this for GDI.

But please note: I can fulfill this wish only for three affiliates per month. So first come, first served. So if you want to take advantage of this opportunity, send me an email immediately. So, hurry up.

Your monthly income will increase month by month through everyone’s effort. Everyone wants to earn more and more.
If, at some point, you are happy with your monthly earnings, you no longer have to work. You will receive an ever-increasing monthly income for life.

This business idea is truly brilliant.

GDI commissions can be added quickly by duplicating the team. Only a few referrals can grow to thousands of dollars in residual monthly income.

See here for information about GDI offers.

Links to Visit for More Information:

The Main Company Site – in English
The Main Company Site – in Spanish
Presentation of All Opportunities and User Testimonials – in English.
Presentation of All Opportunities and User Testimonials – in Spanish.
Presentation of All Opportunities and User Testimonials – in German.
TV interview with GDI Founders – Michael Starr and Alan Ezeir.
GDI Offers presentation – cartoon.
Registering a Site Domain in Any Language in the World.

Here is a real-world example of what you can earn with GDI.
Watch some videos, then scroll below and see what others say about GDI.

If you want to get more information with all the explanations, see what other satisfied users are saying (some since 2006) and watch all the videos on this page. This platform has been operating for over 20 years.
I recommend you to join this excellent platform, and you will not regret it.


2. ClubShop – is a fantastic platform for anyone who wants to earn recurring income. Can use it for free, but if you’re going to move faster and increase your performance, you have to give something and help your team. How do you do that? It is not difficult. Image cap
ClubShop provides members with a mall with millions of products: electronics, technical items, clothing, jewelry, children’s items, household and garden items, gadgets, etc.

You will have all the information and videos for free on this platform.

Get your affiliate links, advertise through all the traffic networks on this page, and you will quickly increase your downline. Also, this platform will help you by completing your team with other subscribers, even if they are not brought by you, depending on how generous you are.
You will allow yourself to be generous because you will not pay out of your pocket. You will earn even 6 thousand dollars a month or more in 3 or 4 months if you want. It all depends on how generous you are. Image cap

I recommend you to join this excellent platform, and you will be satisfied with the monthly income you will get there. (Or join here). Everything is simple and without too much work.


3. Strong Future International (SFI) – this excellent platform resembles ClubShop in that it offers ready-made websites and products from all fields (over 100K) and can be used for free.

SFI is essentially an MLM-style business empire that offers an affiliate marketing program for a shop auction site and a Pay-per-action income program.

The SFI compensation plan is based upon a multilevel model. Each level can be built infinitely wide, and you will benefit from every affiliate going down as far as 12 levels in your network.

Over time, with a lot of patience and persistence, if every affiliate in your lineage, from all levels, brings only 3 people to the team, you will be able to earn a monthly income of over $400K. I did not exaggerate, and there is no mistake. With ambition and determination, you can reach that target. If you want to see what hundreds of thousands of members say about SFI, then go here.

SFI is a strong internet income-earning place with more than 22 years in business. Serving over 200 countries worldwide. Work from home on computer or mobile phone with 24-hour support: free signup, free training, accessible platform.

See here some exciting opportunities offered by this platform.

Join this excellent platform and create your monthly income.


4. My Lead Gen Secret (MLGS) – is a fantastic platform for getting potential customers, subscribers, traffic, sales, and making money.

This platform is fantastic because it facilitates the creation of subscriber lists. Without a list of subscribers, any online business is dead. So money is on the list; this is the motto of many marketers.

Creating a list of subscribers is not easy, especially in the early stages of launching an online business and during it.
For example, about 8 years ago, I wanted to create a list to launch my business. After 2 years of free advertising on all channels, I only got 50 subscribers.
I avoided making paid advertising, knowing that it was costly. But in the end, I did it on Google Ads and Facebook. For a week of advertising, I paid almost $ 1000 and got only 120 subscribers. This was not great.

I was thrilled when I discovered MLGS because it offered 100 potential customers per day for only $ 1 per day, that is, 3000 per month. Also, if you bring at least one member to your downline, starting the next day, you will receive 200 potential customers per day, that is, 6000 per month.

Watch below a video with great information from a millionaire mom.

Through this platform, I managed to get tens of thousands of potential customers and subscribers. And not only that, but I also make money with MLGS. It’s fantastic.

If you want to get more detailed information about MLGS, please patiently read an honest review on this page. Also, see there what other users are saying. Or watch this video with more explanations.

If you have your products or affiliate products and want to get traffic, potential customers, and make money, you can promote them on this platform. You can do this daily.

So, to get potential customers, subscribers, sales, and make money, I recommend anyone join this excellent platform, MLGS. Please note that will not be offered this platform to the public for a long time.


5. Profit System – Get your FREE money-making website now at the touch of a button!

This site is fantastic in that it offers a lot of advice, guidance, explanations, and tricks, all for free. He will never demand any payment.
Get your money-making site ready for you now.

Click the button below and get your profit system before this limited opportunity disappears forever.

After you have applied all the steps and your site is ready, you will not have much to do.
You have to promote this website to earn as much money like a millionaire.

Get your site here: – variant a., – variant b., variant c.,- variant in German, – Spanish version.


6. Home Business Ideas And Opportunities – is a site that anyone can get for free. Plug-In Profit Site
This site offers the possibility to obtain high monthly income from 5 compelling platforms using the Google and Facebook processes.

Have you ever looked at sites like Google or Facebook and asked yourself… “How can they make so much money when they aren’t selling any products?!”
You can generate more traffic, leads, and sales for YOUR business by stealing the same business model as FB and Google (legal and ethical, of course).

Get this site for free and direct as much traffic as possible.
The 5 platforms with high potential to obtain high monthly income are installed on the site.

Promote this site, and you will get money from the 5 platforms. This is all your work. Moreover, this site will help you reach your desired level. It is amazing.

It’s just as easy to promote 1 site and earn 5 checks as it is to promote 1 site and earn 1 check… Why would you settle for less? The Plug-In Profit Site allows you to build multiple income streams at one time. This offers you security through diversity!

Plus, all the people who join your Plug-In Profit Site team will be provided with their professional website, a money-making email autoresponder campaign, and a proven step-by-step plan to follow that accelerates their online success. This creates substantial duplication and follow-through among your referrals (more income for YOU).


How do you do that? Very easy. Watch a video and patiently read the entire page, and apply.
Or, if you want to know more, you can register here and receive more information.


7. AutomaticBuilder Online – is the most effective way to build a tremendous Internet Business.

AutomaticBuilder Subscription Members have a wide variety of additional tools, autoresponders, capture, landing pages, and much more listed under the Resources Tab.

Direct Pay Module – (for an entire year).
This one-of-a-kind program allows all your new member signup payments to be sent directly into YOUR PayPal or Bank Account.

A ONE TIME purchase allows you to make 100% commissions again and again.
As you enroll new signups, 100% of their signup fee gets paid directly to You.

Combo Pack Gives You The Direct Pay Module & The Ad Revenue Module – (for an entire year).
Ad Revenue Module: This incredible module links your members to you for life, allowing you to get paid when they buy leads and traffic to build their business –any business.

Your member’s area contains numerous advertising companies that members have successfully used to sign up new members. The Ad Revenue Module lets you sign up with these advertisers for free and then put YOUR affiliate links in the member’s area, so YOU make the commissions as your members use these methods to build their businesses.

Watch a video with more explanations and see what the members say.

Join AutomaticBuilder and build your online business and receive payments, again and again, month after month, year after year.


8. Make Money Even (MME) – is an incredible multi-source platform for big money.
This platform can be used almost for free. How almost free? 🙂 It’s almost free because you pay a $10 registration fee, and you’ll receive $10 in your account right away. So it’s like free.
The $ 10 is an annual (not monthly) fee to use this platform with many online money-making opportunities.

Make Money Even – offers digital products and a step-by-step user guide with lots of text and video information. The monthly earnings are excellent I have not seen them anywhere else.

To better understand, watch the videos below.

See below how much money you can earn per month using this free platform. (Recommendation – open full-screen video).

If you want to earn even more money, you can become a VIP member. See below the monthly income you can earn for up to one year of VIP use. (Recommendation – open full-screen video).

First, create a subscriber list. Where can you get them? You have two excellent and safe options: see option 1 here or option 2 here.
The link obtained from any of them, you will add it to the Make Money Even (MME) platform, then…

Join this incredible platform (Make Money Even), set all the indicated opportunities you want, bring a lot of traffic, and make big money. It is straightforward to apply.


With these 2 innovative platforms, you will save time and money. It is entirely free. Is amazing.
Opportunity first (A fantastic girl!).
Opportunity second (Smart guy!).

If nothing works for you and you need a change, I give you a great opportunity… sign up for free here on my site, and I will send you free more information, advice, and assistance you need.

All of the above are indeed “magic buttons” because once accessed and applied; magic will occur. The proof that these sites work flawlessly is that they started many years ago, and all the people who have become members do not want to give them up for life.
These platforms have millions of satisfied members. They were joined by 12-year-olds, up to people over the age of 80. They all make a lot of money.

After you get the links from them, promote them; your work needs to be amplified on getting traffic and getting as many referrals as possible—the best and quality promotion you can do on MLGS above, is by sending emotional emails daily.

Then go to this page and join as many traffic sites as possible. All these sites offer free traffic. Advertise as much as possible for free. In this regard, apply all the tips provided by the Profit System above.  Get Your Own Website!

Follow these tips: Apply one by one of the above platforms every day. Click on all the links, read all the pages carefully and patiently, and be amazed by everything you will discover. You will get all these after registration. Read all emails received from them.
Create a PayPal account if you haven’t already. Attach a card (credit or debit) from your bank. Your PayPal account is free. Through PayPal, you will get money, and you will also be able to make payments.
After registering on each of the above platforms, don’t forget to set up your account and payment system with your email address to log in to PayPal.

The “snowballs” are starting to roll. You will get more and more monthly income. Yes, you will make a lot of money.

Do not procrastinate, and register on all the above platforms.
Procrastination leads to failure. It is well-known that procrastination is usually the sign of never accomplishing much, waiting until another day to do something they should have done today.
Often, it never gets done. Step up to the challenge, and don’t let this opportunity pass you.

After so much work, you deserve to have fun and relax.
Watch the video below and try to imitate it.

Your life is about to change, and we are happy to be part of that new experience of your existence by providing you with the strategies to get you there.

“If at the end of your life you regret not having done something and you have not fulfilled a burning desire, it means that you have lived in vain.”Image

“Dreams without goals are just dreams, and they ultimately fuel disappointment. Goals on the road to achievement cannot be achieved without discipline and consistency.”
– Denzel Washington

Through the above platforms, you will have a much better life. If you want this for your family members and friends on social sites, make them known using the buttons below. Thank you very much.


How To Get Leads, Subscribers, Traffic, And Sales With An Excellent Platform?

My main struggle when starting my online business was generating quality leads. Yes, you can buy leads, and if you find reputable sources, you can purchase good leads; however, in the early days of business, building these leads can create quite a hole in the pocket and cost more than you can afford to invest initially.
That certainly was my concern.

There are other ways of generating free leads, though this can be costly time-wise. For most of us starting online, I think it’s fair to say that we want to see some early results. This encourages us that “this can work for us too!”

I can’t even remember how I came across the ad for My Lead Gen Secret (MLGS) though one day at the end of last September, I did indeed come across the ad, and I watched the intro video with interest reading the promo info.

Of no surprise, I’m sure; I had an open mind with a skeptical slant in case this was another “pie-in-the-sky-empty-promise” that emptied my pockets further! However, I found an introduction to a system that adapted a cost-effective way to gain leads interested in the MMO niches, which was ethical and legal.

If you cast your mind to when you’ve submitted your name and email address for things you’ve been interested in or buying, you might remember that often there’s another tick box asking you something like, “If you’d like to receive information from our carefully selected partners” or “If you’d like to learn about other money-making opportunities from our partners.” If you tick on this box to agree, you would have provided consent to receive further info from the vendor and their partners.

And these are the types of leads that My Lead Gen Secret can share in such a cost-effective way. It made total sense to me, and I could see that I would be gaining leads that I could email in a can-spam-compliant way.

My Lead Gen Secret is billed every 30 days, thus helping to spread the cost. When I signed up with MLGS, I paid a one-off set-up fee of $30 and my first month’s subscription of $30 in advance, so an initial cost of only $60. After this, my regular fee is $30 every 30 days.

For this, I receive 100 fresh leads to my account EVERY DAY! So for only $1, you’re getting 100 leads! I can email my leads once per day (once every 23 hours, to be exact) using MLGS’s own email system.

And added to this, the leads are also yours to download and add to your own autoresponder.

There is only one optional upsell offer (for a one-off $59.95) to purchase the ‘MLGS 30 Email Swipes’, which you can tailor for any of your offers. This is great if you’re not used to writing your own emails yet, and will give you ideas of the type of emails that convert. A worthwhile cost, I thought, to help me get started. I can re-use the emails any time I like and personalize them according to the offer.

Since then, I’ve emailed loads of my own emails. You’ll find that many of the other affiliate programs you may want to promote will have their own email swipes to use. So, all in all, you’ll really have a good toolbox of emails from which to use. Each of the emails I’ve sent out via MLGS is stored in the system along with the continually updated stats, so you can revisit and see which emails have converted best over time.

The advantages offered by MLGS

– I love that this is a very cost-effective way of generating quality Tier 1 (mainly USA) leads who have expressed interest in MMO and have given their consent to hearing from other parties, i.e., me in this case.

– The 100 leads per day add up very quickly. And this number can be doubled to 200 leads per day if you obtain just one person to join the system underneath you!

– Yes, MLGS also has its own affiliate program, which offers generous benefits:

– In addition to the extra 100 leads daily (as long as you have at least one referral still a member).
Receive $5/month on personal membership sales to customers who purchase directly from your affiliate link (Level 1).
Receive $4/month on your personally sponsored Affiliate’s membership sales (Level 2), $3/month on the membership sales of the people they personally sponsor (Level 3), $2/month on Level 4, and $1/month on level 5.

Level 1: $5/month
Level 2: $4/month
Level 3: $3/month
Level 4: $2/month
Level 5: $1/month

– One time commissions are paid out on master swipe purchases at $5, $4, $3, $2, $1 (5 levels deep) on $29.95 pricing and $10, $8, $6, $4 & $2 (5 levels deep) on $59.95 pricing.
The commission will be accumulated until a gross amount of $30 is reached, then it can be paid upon request via PayPal, Check, or Bitcoin.

– Weekly Superstars Bonus Contest – Win an UNLIMITED Number of $100 Bonuses Each Week By Simply Referring FIVE New Confirmed Membership Sales in a 7-day Contest Period. There is no limit! Refer 25 new paid customers in one week, and you’ll earn $500! (A “week” is defined as 12:00 Monday to 23:59 Sunday, Eastern Territory.)

– You can download all the leads you generate through MLGS and add them to your own autoresponder. The downloads will show the first name, second name, email address, IP address, city, state, postal code, country, date added, and lead partner.

Some suggestions applied to MLGS

Watch a video with great information from a millionaire mom.

– The default email address that your MLGS emails will be sent from will either be “Your Name” or “My Lead Gen Secret” – this makes the emails slightly impersonal, and in this regard, I always chose to send from the first email address which at least shows my first and last name. I also always make sure that each email I send has my regular sign-off and name.

– The advantage of being able to download your leads, which are your own, is great. However, as I found out, to add them to my current autoresponder (I use two of the main ones out there), I could see that by importing the thousands of leads that I have, my cost with those respective autoresponders would skyrocket! And until I’m seeing enough regular income coming in, I’m not prepared to incur these costs.

– If you’re in a similar situation to me, my best suggestion is that you just continue emailing your MLGS list through their system every day (which won’t cost you anything extra) until you’re in a position to absorb the cost of a regular autoresponder (I’m currently trialing a new autoresponder that has no monthly fees and to which you can upload thousands of leads for a one-off fee. The system is fairly new and going through a few teething issues, which are being sorted out. Though I won’t report on that until everything is working all tickety-boo!)

I like that I have gained tens of thousands of potential customers, numbers growing daily at such a low cost.
I can promote the MLGS system itself or any of the other affiliate programs that I endorse.
I can track the stats for each email I send.
I can download the leads I’ve generated and import them to another system of my choice.

It’s really a no-brainer. One-off setup fee, and then just $1 a day for 100 leads per day (200 per day if you have at least one referral still an active member).
A great way to build your list, promote yourself & earn income online. Everyone from newbies to experienced online marketers can benefit from the My Lead Gen Secret program. My experience so far has been a positive one.

It’s definitely worth using MLGS for all the opportunities offered!

If you want more information, watch this video and see what other users are saying on this page.
Or, if you want, watch the video explanations and join MLGS.

Get Your Own Website!

See below what Deborah says about her experience.

“I run a small business online, and I have been trying unsuccessfully to market my products. Over the last 3 years, I have used pay-per-click advertising through Google, Facebook, Bing, and several other high-traffic sites to try to target my audience. The problem with these sites is that I do receive the clicks, but the conversion rate to sales is very low. Most of the clicks coming from these sites are people that only stay on my page for less than 30 seconds. I am charged for the click, but I don’t make any money because they don’t buy.

This has been frustrating, and it’s been hard to keep my business running. I don’t do any other marketing, so I rely on online pay per clicks and word of mouth to market my products. In March 2018, I decided to go a different route. I wanted a company that could screen leads that were genuinely interested not only in my products but also in buying them. Jim Harmon’s My Lead Gen Secret was recommended to me, and I liked the ideas on their website. They were exactly what I was looking for.

Creating an account online was very easy, with no hidden setup costs. Every day I received 100 leads that were targeted to my niche. I was skeptical at first, but after a couple of weeks, I started to see these prospects start turning into buying customers! Since I have been working with My Lead Gen Secret, my business has turned around. My sales have shot up, and I am actually making income from my business instead of losing money…

I can’t believe this service is offered for just $30 a month. During previous campaigns with Google and Facebook, I was going through about $500 a week on each site and making barely any sales. Because of this company and the leads that they provide, my business is now able to flourish.

If you need online marketing, do not waste your time with the big sites as I did. All they care about is getting your money, not getting you sales. Small companies like My Lead Gen Secret actually spend time screening the leads to make sure you have people clicking on your site who are actually interested in buying your product/service. I’m thrilled to have found this company, and I would recommend them to all!”

See below what Mark says.

“Is My Lead Gen Secret the real secret to making money online, as they proclaim on their website? Or is it just another internet scam to rip you off? Read on and make the decision for yourself.

My Lead Gen Secret is a lead generation system by Jim Harmon. The system gives you 100 to 200 leads every day for only $1 a day on complete autopilot.

It also integrates a free built-in email system inside where you can email your prospects every 23 hours. You can double your leads to 200 a day by referring at least one other person.

When you first start, you have to pay for the entire first month upfront plus a setup fee of $30. That means it’s going to cost you $60 dollars to get started and $30 a month after your first month.

You can cancel at any time.

The MLGS Compensation plan gives you unlimited earning potential. Earn commission by selling MLGS memberships and master swipes to customers.
The MLGS Compensation plan allows Affiliates to achieve the highest levels of payment, FAST!

The built-in mailing system allows you to only send out emails once a day as a drawback, but you can import these contacts (All of them! ) to your very own autoresponder and send out your affiliate offer an unlimited time.

My Lead Gen Secret is an absolute MUST for any business owners, online marketers, entrepreneurs, and more!

With MLGS, you won’t need a website, “paid traffic”, or creating content. Everything is done for you already. They even have affiliate email swipes for you to import into the built-in mailing system.

I highly recommend this to all newbies and veteran marketers. You can scale your business or make your very first commission.”


Join MLGS, and you will get many other opportunities.

If you want more information, watch this video and see what other users are saying on this page.
Or, if you want, watch the video explanations and join MLGS.

If you want to make this page known to your friends on social sites, use the buttons below. Thank you very much!

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