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Today you can make sacrifices for the future?

Have you ever had a moment in your life when you realize how you want to live for the rest of your life, and you could see all the wrong decisions until then? Do you want to make sacrifices so that you have a fantastic future? 2019, Tennis, Paris, Roland Garros, France, May 30

The moment of truth for me was when I became my grandmother’s caregiver for pancreatic cancer. I understood that all my philosophies and opinions did not value one frozen onion faced with life’s significant challenges.

One of the great lessons for me was the financial lesson.

About money and the moment of truth about them.

Although they are low (or to be gentle, they are not yet prosperous), most people are monetary experts rather than the IMF.
That is until you have to take a few thousand dollars out of your pocket for the disease or death of someone you truly love.

Then it’s time for truth.
All your theories about life, happiness, religion, money, society go to hell when your grandmother, the woman who raised you and loved you unconditionally, has pancreatic cancer.

When you run with her in the arms from hospital to hospital, she can no longer stand on her feet because of the very swollen ankles that hold the water.

When you look into her eyes and see that she hopes she will live on, but you are the last with the doctor who only tells you:

“But what, you didn’t know? She can’t be operated on at her age because she doesn’t wake up from anesthesia.
Take care of those needed; she has 6 weeks, maximum living.”

When you have to get the money out of your pocket, because it’s all your responsibility on your shoulders, all theories are just dust in the wind.

How much money do you have in your pocket now? Laugh at the World: She's got a GREAT forehand. Simona Halep ...

That is what you will be asked at stake.

And if you don’t have enough, where do you get the rest?

Nobody asks you if you were afraid to start your own business or if you didn’t make enough sacrifices, or if you were just in your comfort zone and didn’t prepare for important moments.

It takes money, and you have to get it from somewhere.
You probably borrow it but wait, and it’s not that easy.

First, you will endure the shame of being refused by 4 out of 5 people who will ask for money; then, anyway, you have to give it back.
And then it hits you. Then consciousness makes you wonder.

How did I get to this situation?

Why don’t I have enough money?

Does not the suffering of the loss of a person whom I love endure the shame of poverty and financial impotence?

At this moment, you answer the question instantly: “Does money matter in this life?”
If you think that money is not important, I prefer to leave you with this belief. But if you will need to help someone you love.

You can endure hunger, as well as a lack of luxury clothes.
But when death comes into play, it collapses to the ground with all your limiting beliefs.

My grandmother told me 3 times a week, “When will you have a job? Do you have a job?”
“I don’t,” was my answer to both questions.

If I had a job, who would have taken care of my grandmother for 6 months throughout her illness?

If I were hired, no one would give me any leave or more money.

If I were a freelancer and didn’t show up for work, my clients would go elsewhere.

I chose to follow my vocation and passion, and from the money made, I buried my grandfather, grandmother, and father. If it wasn’t me, with some money I made in the early years of my career through an online business, who would have made that money?

Sometimes it is important not to listen to those who love you. There will come a day when you will do something good for them from this disobedience.Imagini pentru imagini frumoase
And if I could take care of my life and then pay for the funeral of 3 people I loved, it was because I took my financial destiny into my hands. Knowing that when the time comes, no one will ask me if I need anything.

The conclusion so far is the following:

You need to gather and think about how you can make money when it really matters to you. And here, I am not just referring to the adverse situations. I also refer to when you want to go on a trip to buy a new car, a luxury item, or only a new phone.

Today you can make sacrifices for the future, but there will come a day when the only question that will matter is:
“How much money do you have in your pocket?”

You may be a spiritual person and consider that the material world is not important.

Imagine that now that you could save the life of the person you love wholeheartedly if you had money.

Do you notice how many requests for help are on Facebook?
People with incurable or costly diseases.
Alicia needs only $ 50,000. Alex needs $ 120,000.
Money that neither they nor those who love them have. And there are great chances in the future not to get them.
And Alicia and Alex will die, and life goes on with us today.
But guess what?

If you did not have limiting beliefs about money, maybe today you could help those you love.
If you don’t say that “money is not important,” maybe you could do something concrete in the future for those who matter in your life.
If you said, “I learned how to make money and make money regardless of sacrifices,” you could now go to the bank and save the life of the person you love.

You want to feel powerful or helpless? Simona Halep - Simona Halep Photos - Australian Open: Day 3 - Zimbio

That’s all it comes down to.

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About the promises we made ourselves.

“I never make more mistakes about myself than when I have the best intentions for myself.” – Jacques Salome.

I will lose weight, play sports, spend more time with family and friends, and return to my hobbies and passions.
Tomorrow, Monday, January will…, o…, o…
When we promise things, and we do not keep a promise, our confidence in ourselves diminishes.

As I said above, the death of a loved one resets many things in your life, maybe all. And then you discover how small and powerless you are. Because now you see things from the perspective of death.

Instead of living the life that was given to you on earth, you choose to die in your heart long before your body parts.
You want safety, you want warmth, you want the comfort zone, and you don’t want anything to change in your future if you can.

The financial release is a matter of life and death.
It’s just that not every day seems to be about life and death.
Days, months, and years, nothing seems to happen, and then BUM, a moment with a high stake.

Someone’s illness or death.

An excellent opportunity for you in the future that requires an investment.

A career change, the establishment of a family, the emergence of a child.
And then, all those days that went by unnoticed will count.

You could do something for your future financial release.
Simona Halep: 2018 Australian Open Day 6 -13 | GotCeleb

You could think long-term instead of just making short-term beneficial decisions.

You could not sacrifice the future for small pleasures for the moment.
But you didn’t.

I learned my lesson in 2010 and understood what freedom and financial slavery actually mean.
So I chose the best model available for a simple man like me to break free.

A business with the internet’s help from my passion gives me the pleasure of working every day, freedom of movement, and money commensurate with the number of people helped.

Today, this model is called Passion2Profit, and its doors close immediately after registering a maximum number of 50 people. The next series will be after three months, but you can sign up, and if the seats are occupied (if you wish), you will remain on the waiting list.

If you are hesitant and think you don’t know what to do for your future, let me tell you:

From somewhere you have to start:

Do you think I knew psychology?
Do you think I trusted myself?
Do you think I had mastermind groups that would help me?

I only had a computer and an internet connection worse than your smartphone today.

But I had something very precious.

I had the PRINCIPLES of success in this type of business for people starting from scratch.

The 5 principles of the go-giver say so:

– You have to have something to offer to people, whether it’s a hobby or vocation, job, or expertise.
– It is important that you reach as many people as possible (this is what the internet is doing today).
It is important to put people’s interests first (that is, to serve from the heart).
– It’s important to be authentic.
The final step is to be willing to receive back and know how to reap the fruits.

Today it is easier than ever to reach many people.
Think about how your life will look like in 5 years.

If you could bring 50 new people every day automatically in your new online business, in a year, you would have about 15,000 people and in 5 years, 75,000.
Do you know how long it took me to gather 1000 subscribers after opening my first business blog?


This is the opportunity today.
The speed of movement and the possibility of financial release does not take years but months.

Today you can do faster and better than ever this type of online business based on teaching others what you know, and we are here to guide you through the steps because we have been doing this since 2010.

We know the model. We have the strategy and the plan. Everything dies in the mouth.

Take the example of Simona Halep and see what sacrifices she made to become the world’s best tennis player. And she is one of the thousands of models.

Do you want to make sacrifices so that you have a fantastic future?
Do everything you can for your fabulous future!

With a support group, mentors, and all the facilities you can imagine.
But we can only come halfway to meet you.
The other half you have to go through.
You can now join a new Passion2Profit group.



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Do you want to make sacrifices so that you have a fantastic future?
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