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Financial Intelligence: What Really Is Insanity?  Free Cash Generator

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Naturally, most if not all of us want and crave something better. It is all part of us if we want a bigger car, a better house, buying good things for the family. We keep hoping for more, but you have to do something that you have never done before to get what you do not have.

That simply means: Doing the same thing over and over again YET expecting different results! As an employee, you can’t just stay at the same job forever and hope that a miracle will happen, and out of nowhere, your boss will suddenly give you a big raise. You will be lucky that there is no downsizing in your company.

Switching to another company will only provide you with a short term solution to a long term problem. Sure, you can take up a second or even a third job, but the question is, do you have enough hours and stamina in a day to sustain it?

The bottom-line: Trading time for money is not a wise financial sense in the long term. You keep on increasing the hours just to win the rat race, but you are still a rat on the mill at the end of the day! Increasing your wages only puts you in a higher tax bracket. Your salaries increase, but so does your expenses on your house and car.

How will you invest in yourself when working for a company, working for the government paying taxes, and working for the bank paying off your house and car? What if you fall sick and can’t work for a few months? Will, the government, takes care of your family? I highly doubt so. So isn’t it time you take your finances a tad more seriously?

Learn how to make money without paying anything out of your own pocket using Cash Generator.

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Financial Intelligence: What Does Money Measure? Or Rather, What Is Money?

Yes, but a measurement of what? Wealth? In the olden days, people measured wealth by how many cows, sheep, and horses they had. But do people measure wealth today by their cows and horses? How about slaves? Was there a time where the workforce is considered a hot commodity? Are slaves worth anything today? Are your dollar bills sitting in the bank going to protect you if a recession strikes the country? No, wealth can not be measured by the dollar bill.

Some say it is a form of power. Yes, money can give you power, but if you are stuck on a desert island forever with a trillion dollars, will that money mean squat to you?

If someone offered you water and a helicopter to fly out of there, you would trade all your money in a split second, so money is not an accurate measurement of power – it heavily depends on how and wisely you use it (hint!). Many believe it is the root of all evil… and several others take on this belief without much questioning.

Now… money is NOT the root of all evil (otherwise, why do you think churches still accept monetary donation and charity?). The love of money is the root of all evil.

Remember, money is an excellent servant but a terrible master. If you are trading your life away for the dollar, money then has power over your time and life. And unless you have proper financial intelligence, the lack of money can spawn a lot of evil thinking and a negative mindset as observed in primarily cheats, thieves, criminals, breakups, freeloaders, cheapskates, and more name.

While merchants have naturally developed money in the older days to replace the questionable barter system, today’s money is literally invented by the rich and wealthy. Entrepreneurs are willing to part with their money to buy other people’s time.

Other people’s time, i.e., employees and self-employed people, become their employer’s asset, and the employers this priceless resource to go on to create more wealth for themselves. And here’s the thing: as long as you work for money, you are enslaved by it! 80% – 90% of the population today are being enslaved involuntarily.

Learn how to make money without paying anything out of your own pocket using Cash Generator.

Free Cash Generator

Financial Intelligence: Today’s World – Man and Money

Now don’t get me wrong: I’m not banging on working at a job. But let’s face it: our needs today are growing more than ever before in any period of history. Prices go up. Salaries don’t. More baby boomers than ever have a minimum pension to show for their decades of years of work efforts. And there is no guessing as to how many people really, really hate the unhealthy, hectic lifestyle of getting up early, coping with stress for most parts of the day, join traffic jams, spend more money and time in traveling, enjoy very little rest, and repeat the vicious cycle. Free Cash GeneratorIt definitely doesn’t paint a nice financial and lifestyle picture, huh?

The first step to change is to be aware of the problem. Awareness before the change (or ABC for short) is necessary if you are to make any changes in life to start taking control of your financial life and then get out of the rat race. We need the awareness to know what state we are in so we know where we are going.

For starters, indulge me in a quick exercise as we exit this chapter shortly; There are generally 4 types of people in the world:

(1) No time and no money. Most employees fall into this category. You can’t go shopping on a Tuesday afternoon or fire your boss whenever you like. Most employees can’t even save money in their pension to last 3 years!

(2) No time, lots of money. Self-employed professionals and small business owners are in this category. They are slightly better off than the employee because they earn more. Still, they have to work even harder than employees to keep up with the diminishing profit margins, competition, and servicing their customers.

(3) Got time, no money. Many farmers, villagers, college dropouts, or bums have lots of time but no money. Maybe ignorance is bliss, but without a stable income source, how long can you last many days forward?

(4) Got time and lots of money. It is the category that big business owners, landlords, investors are in.

Imagine not having to work for money, but having money to work for you by investing them and earning profits using your money to make money.

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Free Cash Generator

Financial Intelligence: Wealth Building And People

Everyone wants to make more money, but people are generally split into two categories;

Those who bring results after they are promised wealth first;

Or Those who bring the results first are rewarded by others afterward; Let’s explore the two groups in depth. Those who only move their butts after promised big fat paychecks are more like employees, newcomers, or mercenaries.

There is no right or wrong with this kind of thinking but consider that you are again trading your precious time for money. Instead of investing your time in an ASSET that generates money, you spend your time working on something that is short term, limited wealth, and does not give you income long after you have stopped working. Consider also that this kind of short term vision will only produce limited or temporary results at best.

Ever seen a security guard asleep at work when the boss is not around? Furthermore, our emotions get the better of us when we allow our lives to be run by chasing the dollar.

It is evident whenever an employee is offered a higher salary, more medical benefits, and longer vacations, that their heart starts pumping faster. A higher salary doesn’t mean less financial problems.

On the contrary, when your income goes up, your commitments, tax bracket, and time spent in your company increase. The greater your salary, the weaker your position. If your boss is paying you a 5 figure income and calls for an emergency meeting, you had a better rush over to the office even if you are halfway making love to your wife!

I think the best definition of an employee/boss relationship can be summed up like this. An employee will only do the bare minimum to keep the boss from firing them, and a boss will only pay the bare minimum to keep an employee from leaving.

Learn how to make money without paying anything out of your own pocket using Cash Generator.

Free Cash Generator

Financial Intelligence: Definition of a True Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is someone who always has good ideas. The first obstacle we need to overcome if we want to succeed in the second group is to stop working for money.

What does this actually mean? Isn’t making money part and parcel of having a good financial IQ? What I mean by ‘stop working for money’ is not working for free. Rather, it means work to gain the necessary skills you need to be a successful entrepreneur (or inventor, investor).

Allow me to illustrate: Free Cash Generator If you lack the contacts for running a successful business, where would the best place be to look for contacts? Of course, your competitor’s customers.

How about product knowledge, then? Then work with a company that will teach you all the ins and outs of the tricks of the trade.

In short, everything that you would need to know about the product. Not familiar with the production line of a factory? Work in one! Learn the ropes or manage factory workers. Fear of talking to people? Get a sales job where you will be forced to talk to lots of people.

It is also a great way to develop perseverance! Don’t you know that the best education you can get is in real life! Not at a lecture hall.

The bottom line is: not everybody has what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur! It is not that easy. Many lack the perseverance, the creative mindset, the financial capabilities, or the necessary people to get the job done and usually give up too early before any results can be seen!

The fastest way to get those skills to succeed is to learn them hands-on. What is more, you even get paid in the process! Don’t get absorbed with how much you are paid. God created us with a brain.

We need to look around us and observe problems to overcome because every problem is an opportunity in disguise. It is all up to you.

You may or may not see the results in the short term, but using our brains and the resources around us can create the true value that others are willing to pay for what we have to offer.

Learn how to make money without paying anything out of your own pocket using Cash Generator.

Free Cash Generator

Financial Intelligence: Ways to Make Money

Let me summarize the 3 Ways of Making Money:

• Trading Time For Money – employees, self-employed;

• Manifesting & Using Creative Ideas – inventors, artists, programmers;

• Leveraging on resources and other people – business people, leaders.

If you are a professional, have you ever explored writing an e-book about your field of expertise? If well written, it could provide a new income stream instead of selling out your time serving your clients.

If your reservation is that you have never written something like it before, why not give it a shot? You never know what the outcome would be. How about a computer programmer? You can come out with your own revolutionary product instead of selling your ideas to the company you work for.

Remember that the first computer was not built overnight. It took effort and a lot of it. Why not work on something that would make you both rich and famous? How about real estate? Instead of selling houses, you can pool financial sources to buy houses cheap, increase their value, and sell them off at a higher price.

It just takes a little time and research to find good ideas. Yes, it may not come naturally, but you would only end up making more money if you have it in you.

While making money is one thing, you would grow to an icon in the real estate stream. Is money a problem? Seek out loans if you can take the risk.

Pool money from many investors or seek a grant. The sky is the limit when it comes to making money. Just one thing here: invest carefully. Never put all your money on something that you are not completely sure of getting a return.

Again, which way do you want to achieve wealth? Answer: it’s totally up to you.

You are a beginner; learn how to make money without paying anything out of your own pocket using Free Cash Generator.

Free Cash Generator

Financial Intelligence: The Right Investment

What comes into your mind when you think about the word investing? Does it mean putting your money in insurance, bonds, property, mutual funds, the stock market, or even high-yield investments?

Other people might only think about investing when they are about to die, and they have not left anything for their offspring. Some even shiver when they hear the word, often claiming that they have no money to invest or feel too complicated a subject even to discuss.

Many people even invest heavily in health supplements, personal trainers, and beauticians to make themselves live longer, healthier, or even look younger!

Imagine the advertising budget for beauty companies nowadays. All these are legitimate concerns when it comes to investing, but I am talking about the most important investment a person can make in his lifetime.

Invest in Yourself

The most important and No.1 rule is “Invest in Yourself” – if you do not, who else will?

Your parents will only invest in your education only until you leave college. But that is just the necessities provided and does not teach you important lessons about financial education.

What this does is prepares you to face the outer world. It equips you with all the necessary tools required to begin investing in yourself. If you want to learn online, it is straightforward and easy to apply if you watch videos as someone else does.

Would you depend on colleges or universities to teach you how to make money? Most colleges only teach you skills so you can earn money working for other people. How about business school?

Honestly, if business lecturers are such experts at business, why are they still lecturing there instead of making a fortune in business ventures? So, think about it. The knowledge that you earn while you are in school or college is something that gets you started.

If you want to take advantage of the widely available resources online and actually know how to put them all together into a system fit for affiliate marketing, then this is the course you need!

You are a beginner; learn how to make money without paying anything out of your own pocket using Free Cash Generator.

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