What Are The Magic Buttons To Get Ever-Increasing Monthly Income?

With over 3.2 billion people actively using the internet, we are entering a massive transformation in how the world works. Some want to get information, others want to have fun, others want to learn, but most want to do business and get consistent monthly income, that is, to make money.

Many people search the internet for “magic buttons” to press and get money instantly. They want to make money without working and without offering anything in return. This type of button does not exist.

There are other kinds of buttons on the internet, but they are only seen by those with an open mind for various opportunities to earn monthly income.
Some want to learn how to do business online. Even if they think it is too complicated and does not want to learn, others can find other opportunities, much simpler to use, high impact, and less work.

In recent years, competition is growing in online business. For this, many experienced online business people have found some “magic buttons”, and it works on the principle – “give, and you will earn much more“.

There are literally hundreds of smart ways to make money online. Loyalty and persistence are the keys to success in this business, as in many other aspects of life.

These magic buttons are not for the frightened or skeptical. Only those with an open mind have applied these, and there are hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of satisfied users.
Below are some magic buttons that offer great opportunities to learn how to generate extraordinary wealth with legitimate sources to earn money online from the safety and comfort of your home, with just a few extra skills!

Magic buttons to get consistent monthly income.

1. Global Domains International (GDI) – is one of the fastest-growing and most profitable income opportunities globally.

The GDI compensation plan is based upon a multilevel model. Each level can be built infinitely wide, and you will benefit from every affiliate going down as far as 5 levels in your network.

For every referred active affiliate, you will earn $1 per month. While you are not limited to this, it is recommended to find 5 affiliates. This will pay you $5 per month on your first level.
If each one of those 5 also refers to 5 affiliates, you will now have 25 affiliates on your second level. Your earnings will be $30 per month then, a combination of your 1st and 2nd level.
If this process is completed throughout 5 levels in your network, your monthly commissions will amount to more than $3,900 per month.

Now, keep in mind that you are not limited to only referring 5 affiliates. You can refer 5, 10, 100, or even 1000 affiliates. Each level can grow infinitely wide. Your only limitation is that you will earn from no more than 5 levels unless you qualify for the so-called „Infinity bonus“.

But this amount will increase month by month through everyone’s effort. Everyone wants to earn more and more.
If at some point, you are happy with your monthly earnings, you no longer have to work. You will receive that monthly income for life.
This platform offers free use for 7 days, then $10 per month.
This business idea is truly brilliant.

If you want to get more information with all the explanations, see what other satisfied users are saying (some since 2006) and watch all the videos on this page. This platform has been operating for over 20 years.
I recommend you to join this excellent platform, and you will not regret it.

For those interested, see here a video with the German version.


2. ClubShop – is an amazing platform for anyone who wants to earn recurring income. Can use it for free, but if you want to move faster and increase your performance, you have to give something and help your team. How do you do that? It is not difficult. Image cap
ClubShop provides members with a mall with millions of products: electronics, technical items, clothing, jewelry, children’s items, household and garden items, gadgets, and more.

You will have all the information and videos for free on this platform.

Get your affiliate links, advertise through all the traffic networks on this page, and you will quickly increase your downline. Also, this platform will help you by completing your team with other subscribers, even if they are not brought by you, depending on how generous you are.
You will allow yourself to be generous because you will not pay out of your own pocket. You will earn even 6 thousand dollars a month or more in 3 or 4 months if you want. It all depends on how generous you are. Image cap

I recommend you to join this wonderful platform, and you will be satisfied with the monthly income you will get there. (Or join here). Everything is simple and without too much work.


3. Strong Future International (SFI) – this excellent platform resembles ClubShop in that it offers ready-made websites and products from all fields (over 100K) and can be used for free.

SFI is essentially an MLM-style business empire that offers an affiliate marketing program for a shop auction site and a Pay-per-action income program.

The SFI compensation plan is based upon a multi-level model. Each level can be built infinitely wide, and you will benefit from every affiliate going down as far as 12 levels in your network.

Over time, with a lot of patience and persistence, if every affiliate in your lineage, from all levels, brings only 3 people to the team, you will be able to earn a monthly income of over $400K. I did not exaggerate, and there is no mistake. With ambition and determination, you can reach that target. If you want to see what hundreds of thousands of members have to say about SFI, then go here.

See here some interesting opportunities offered by this platform.

Join this excellent platform and create your monthly income.


4. My Lead Gen Secret (MLGS) – is an amazing platform for getting potential customers, subscribers, traffic, sales, and making money.

This platform is amazing because it facilitates the creation of subscriber lists. Without a list of subscribers, any online business is dead. So money is on the list; this is the motto of many marketers.

Creating a list of subscribers is not easy to do, especially in the early stages of launching an online business and during it.
For example, about 8 years ago, I wanted to create a list to launch my business. After 2 years of free advertising on all channels, I only got 50 subscribers.
I avoided making paid advertising, knowing that it was costly. But in the end, I did it on Google Ads and Facebook. For a week of advertising, I paid almost $ 1000 and got only 120 subscribers. This was not great.

I was thrilled when I discovered MLGS because it offered 100 potential customers per day for only $ 1 per day, that is, 3000 per month. Through this platform, I managed to get tens of thousands of potential customers and subscribers. And not only that, but I also make money with MLGS. It’s fantastic.

If you want to get more detailed information about MLGS, please patiently read an honest review on this page. Also, see there what other users are saying. Or watch this video with more explanations.

If you have your own products or affiliate products and you want to get traffic, potential customers and make money, you can promote them on this platform. You can do this daily.

So, to get potential customers, subscribers, sales, and make money, I recommend anyone join this wonderful platform, MLGS. Please note that will not be offered this platform to the public for a long time.


5. Profit System – Get your FREE money-making website now at the touch of a button!

This site is amazing in that it offers a lot of advice, guidance, explanations, and tricks, all for free. He will never demand any payment.
Get your money-making site ready for you now.

Click the button below and get your own profit system now, before this limited opportunity disappears forever.

After you have applied all the steps and your site is ready, you will not have much to do.
In fact, all you have to do is promote this website to earn as much money like a millionaire.

Get your site here: – variant a., – variant b., – variant in German.


All of the above are truly “magic buttons” because once accessed and applied; magic will occur. The proof that these sites work flawlessly is that they started many years ago, and all the people who have become members do not want to give them up for life.
These platforms have millions of satisfied members. They were joined by 12-year-olds, up to people over the age of 80. They all make a lot of money.

After you get the links from all of them, promote them, your work needs to be amplified on getting traffic and getting as many referrals as possible. The best and quality promotion you can do on MLGS above, by sending emotional emails daily.

Then go to this page and join as many traffic sites as possible. All these sites offer free traffic. Advertise as much as possible for free. In this regard, apply all the tips offered by the Profit System above.

Follow these tips: Apply one by one of the above platforms every day. Click on all the links, read all the pages carefully and patiently, and you will be amazed by everything you will discover. You will get all these after registration. Read all emails received from them.
Create a PayPal account if you haven’t already. Attach a card (credit or debit) from your bank. Your PayPal account is free. Through PayPal, you will get money, and you will also be able to make payments.
After registering on each of the above platforms, don’t forget to set up your personal account and payment system with your email address with which you log in to PayPal.

The “snowballs” are starting to roll. You will get more and more monthly income. Yes, you will make a lot of money.

Do not procrastinate, and register on all the above platforms.
Procrastination leads to failure. It is well-known that procrastination is usually the sign of those who never accomplish much, waiting until another day to do something they should have done today.
Often, it never gets done. Step up to the challenge, and don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Your life is about to change, and we are happy that we can be part of that new experience of your existence by providing you with the strategies to get you there.

“If at the end of your life you regret not having done something and you have not fulfilled a burning desire, it means that you have lived in vain.”

“Dreams without goals are just dreams, and they ultimately fuel disappointment. Goals on the road to achievement cannot be achieved without discipline and consistency.”
– Denzel Washington

Through the above platforms, you will have a much better life. If you want this for your family members and friends on social sites, make them known using the buttons below. Thank you very much.

How to Get Traffic, Subscribers, and Monthly Income?

Creating an online business is not as difficult as you might think.
Using the top menu of this site (above the image), you can read more pages posted on this site and find income opportunities with digital products.

Many people around the world are looking for a better life for themselves and their families.
For this, they seek to obtain the highest possible monthly income. Some work hard at a job, others, smarter, use different tools to work less and earn more.
Where are these tools found? I think you guessed it – on the Internet.
In the age of the internet, all these things are much easier to apply.

Some more fearful, suspicious, and hasty do not know and do not want to learn to use these tools. They are always in speed. They do not inform themselves correctly and do not read everything patiently, only the titles or a few lines. They are desperately looking for a magic button. This magic button does not exist. They do not realize that they will receive nothing if they offer nothing. To change this misconception, I recommend them to read an excellent book – “Rich Marketer, Poor Marketer”.

Others more courageous and smarter learn and use these tools. Of course, they will win and achieve their goal.

The most powerful principle that works on the internet is straightforward: give, and you will be rewarded a thousandfold.

I have searched for many of these tools, but the most powerful and have helped me a lot and have satisfied me are shown below.
If you want to get satisfaction with your work, apply these tools or platforms. I recommend them with pleasure. If you are not satisfied with one of these, you can unsubscribe without problems.
Here are some of these tools or platforms.

I want to show you some platforms that can help you promote your own or affiliate products on this page. To get monthly income, you need to make as many sales as possible. For you to make sales, you need traffic and subscribers.

With these platforms’ help, you can get traffic and subscribers by promoting your site and affiliate links. This way, you will be able to get monthly income very quickly.

1. LeadsLeaphas an extensive network and offers: traffic (exchange of traffic in its own network and also uses external networks), obtaining subscribers, obtaining affiliates, the possibility of obtaining monthly income, and much more.

This platform is free but also with payment for more advanced opportunities. To win, you must visit other members’ sites (1 minute per site and at least 10 sites per day), and other members will see your posts. You will have all the guidance there. You can stay as free as you want. It doesn’t force you to pay anything.
If you want more information, see here or go directly to the registration page.


2. TrafficAdBaris free. Has the same free traffic exchange conditions as above, but also something extra. You can get a site with a single click, but for a fee of $ 19.90 per month (the cost of the domain and hosting). Through this created site, you can get subscribers and additional traffic. You are not required to create a personal site if you do not want them. The more sites you visit (10 seconds per site and at least 25 sites per day), the more traffic you get and the higher your revenue.

This platform uses a ladder (1 – 17), motivation to visit as many sites as possible. To get more traffic, you can go to the paid levels (3 levels). At level 3 of payment, you no longer have to do anything. The platform will work for you, and you will get traffic from thousands of visitors and a higher monthly income.

For more information, go to this platform and register for free, and you will get subscribers, traffic, and income.


3. Social Sites – You can also use social sites to get free traffic, subscribers, and monthly income.
You can also use Facebook to join groups with many subscribers, and you will get high traffic to your site or affiliate products. However, Facebook is a bit pretentious compared to other social sites. I don’t know what algorithms he uses because you can’t post some links (he doesn’t accept them, he considers them scams) and not too many posts (only 2-3), so if you’re not careful, he blocks you immediately.

Very few subscribers or sales are obtained on social sites.
Only with paid advertising will you be able to get more monthly income using social sites. But be careful, the cost of advertising is not too low. I explained more about how you use paid advertising in point 7 below.


4. Guarantee Downline Club – with this simple platform, you can earn money, even immediately after registration. He has no monthly payment.
Watch the video below and see what you win.

If you want to find out more information and join them, go here and see the explanations.


5. My LeadGenSecret – is a platform for getting subscribers, traffic, and earning money. Here you can get subscriber lists, mostly from the United States, then Canada, and Australia. The lists are with people who have given their consent to receive information about the business, marketing, traffic, and learn how to make money.

Obtaining these lists is not free. The one-time fee is $ 30, then a monthly cost of $ 30, and you can get a minimum of 3,000 subscribers per month ($ 1 per day = 100 subscribers per day). You can double their number to 6000 per month if you bring at least one subscriber to this site.

Also, this site pays you $ 5 for each person you bring here. You will then win from the other people brought by those below you (up to level 5).

You can send emails to all lists (1 email per day), promoting your site, or affiliate links. This is great because you will make a lot of sales every day.

This possibility is great, considering that getting subscribers is not easy. For example, 4 years ago, I advertised on Google Ads and paid $ 1,000 in a week and got only 120 subscribers. So, it’s incomparably cheaper to pay $1 a day and get 100 subscribers a day.

What monthly income can you definitely earn from this opportunity? Watch this short video below.

This is another opportunity that I use and achieve daily success as a compelling platform. I got a list of tens of thousands of followers I communicate with every day for 15 minutes. It is amazing.
See more explanations about this and join here. Many of them became my subscribers.

For more information and how you can make money, go here and watch a short video.

Or go directly to the registration page.


6. Global Domains International – is a platform that offers the possibility to earn money, 5 ready-made sites (with a domain of your choice), email addresses, and an international network. They also offer their products for free. A small monthly fee of $ 10 is paid for the domain and hosting of the sites (you can use it for 7 days for free).

If you join this platform, you must promote the obtained sites, free advertising on the above platforms or social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, etc.) to gain followers on your network. 

Your network will be limitless, and the bigger it is, the more money you will earn.

Many people from all over the world have joined this platform. In first place are the United States (and on the above platforms), Canada, the European states, and the rest of the world. In the United States alone, the number of people enrolled is slightly higher than the rest of the world (China, India, etc., which have a combined population of billions, have only a few thousand).
That’s why most online millionaires are in the United States. They act quickly when something new appears on the internet. They do not think too much and feel whether that source is profitable or not.
Anyone can try this platform with an unlimited network and earn money, as in the video below, and if it’s not convenient, you can unsubscribe.

Some people do not realize how powerful this platform is.
Here you can apply with satisfaction – give, and you will be rewarded a thousandfold. Turn $10 into over $3900 in monthly income, at least.

But many fearful or suspicious people wait to see what others are doing; although they see many examples, they are afraid and do not even try.
If even the fearful or suspicious would realize that they will not lose, they could too join and win immediately.
And it’s straightforward; if they are not satisfied, they can unsubscribe whenever they want. But try and be active. This platform gives all the opportunities and guidance.

Do you want to see more examples and what other subscribers say about it, and how much do they earn with this platform? Then go here and see the whole page.
No one will lose here. Everyone will win and still a lot; the sky is the limit. Anyone satisfied with the monthly income earned can stop and will not have to work all his life. The monthly income is insured for life.

See more information after you join.

See all the opportunities offered, explained in the video, and see what people say about GDI. Try it for free.
If you want more explanations to get a monthly income between $ 100K and $ 400K, read this page carefully. On that page, access all the links and patiently watch all the videos.


7. Posted ads – You can get excellent traffic for your offers using GoogleAds. You can create ads for your products to get targeted traffic and sales, but you have to pay (pay per click (CPC). So you will pay for every click given by the visitors of your ads. These paid ads are quite expensive, especially if you do not apply correctly, using the wrong keywords. The traffic is targeted, meaning the ad posted will reach exactly those who want to get those products. Of course, sales are much higher. feature img
To create these ads correctly, there are courses where you can learn, and then these ads can cost less.
You can do the same for creating paid ads on social sites.


8. GDI Team Elite – is an amazing platform. It works with a team concept.
If you join, the Team consists of 6 members who joined before you and with you. So you will not work alone.

This platform combines GDI (Global Domain International) and AIOP (All In One Profit). You have to set up (create) your sites with your name, like this one. You have the text and video guidance there. The sites are ready-made, but you will have your code on them so that the prospects that will come and the monthly earnings will be entered into your account.

The platform is not free. The cost for GDI is $ 10 per month (you can use it for 7 days for free) and for AIOP is $ 11.50 per month. This is for getting 5 sites and other products for promotion. For AIOP, it is not necessary to pay if you want to use it for free.

This investment will recover quickly because the team will work with you, and any prospect will join your team. Thus, you will start earning money, as an example below.


Every month your income will increase. Watch the video below and how she makes tens of thousands of dollars with little effort.

Join GDI Team Elite, and you will not be disappointed.

If you want more explanations to get a monthly income between $ 100K and $ 400K, read this page carefully. On that page, access all the links and patiently watch all the videos. Maybe you’ll thank me later.


9. Top Dogs Rotator – is a platform for free advertising.
This is a unique rotator traffic site.

This is not a Co-Op rotator, although you can earn hits for it.
You get paid 2 levels down, and your signups get you to hit also!
On this platform, you can promote your sites or affiliate links without limit.
Sign up for this platform and see inside what it offers.


10. Trafficera – is also a platform for free advertising.
This platform is perfect for traffic exchange.
It provides traffic to your sites and links. It has several traffic networks around the world.
With this, you can get subscribers and more sales.
Subscribe for free to this platform and see what it offers.


11. TrafficG – is also a platform for free advertising.
It offers about the same opportunities as above but has a much larger network base around the world.
Subscribe for free to this platform and see what it offers.


12. Strong Future International (SFI) – this excellent platform is different from the others in that it offers ready-made sites with products (over 100K). If you want, you can use this site for free.

The products are digital, software, and physical products (electronic products, mobile phones, children’s products, beauty products, jewelry, car equipment, fishing gear, household items, and much more).

SFI is essentially an MLM-style business empire that offers an affiliate marketing program for a shop auction site and a Pay-per-action income program.

Get your affiliate links, advertise through all the traffic networks on this page, and you will increase your downline. The more subscribers you bring through your link on this site, the more you will earn monthly revenue.

You will be able to get all this for free or a fee (depending on the level you want to be).
Join my team and make money.


13. MillionLeadsForFree – a great platform to get potential customers for your business.
See other members’ emails daily for your inspiration.
You can send free emails to a network of over 10.5 million members.

Tight on Budget? Not enough leads for your business? Here’s your chance to get 1 Million Double-Opted In, Daily Verified Leads For F*R*E*E !! Come, get it before they close this free offer!


14. WebmasterQuest.com – This is another great platform for attracting potential customers to your business.
WebmasterQuest is very flexible and can be used in many different ways; all services can be used for free. However, optional upgrades and traffic packages are also available from just $ 3.95.
Join this platform to get all the opportunities you need for your business.


15. EasyHits4U – is an excellent traffic exchange site. It has a network of almost 2 million members. If you have a website or affiliate links, you can get many traffic, potential customers, subscribers, and ever-increasing monthly income.
EasyHits4U also offers commissions, bonuses, and free advertising for your business.
Join EasyHits4U, and you will get all this for free.


16. ClubShop – is an amazing platform for anyone who wants to make recurring earnings.
Work part-time or full-time, through the internet, and/or offline.
Working online with ClubShop Rewards means operating together with a reliable, innovative, and dynamic Company, serving Consumers and Companies from all over the world. ClubShop Rewards has an impeccable track record, built up during 20 years of presence on the international market.

You can start your 30-day trial period as a ClubShop Partner right now and see its full potential with no risk or obligation.
Online business operators. Even with NO Experience. Image cap
You’ll run YOUR OWN business through the internet from home, part/full time.
If you are open-minded, with a broad interest in the internet, e-commerce, and the world we live in, even if you have no experience, ClubShop is the perfect place for you.

You will be able to get all this for free or a fee (depending on the level you want to be).

What you need:
– A computer with a good internet connection;
– Passion for the internet;
– Willingness to learn a completely new job;
– Self-discipline;
– At least 5 hours per week.

Clubshop Membership Is FREE And With NO Obligations.
You can cancel anytime.


I would like to mention that all the traffic platforms showed above also offer your the opportunity to earn money, depending on your work.

If you want to get even more free traffic and subscribers and earn money, you can visit for free the banners on the right or bottom of this page by clicking on them. See which of these have bigger networks and are to your liking; join them. See which of the ads refer to traffic and earning money. Some are completely free, and others are for a small fee.

I did so and discovered several sources to get traffic, subscribers, and monthly revenue. I don’t understand why many avoid clicking on ads because it costs nothing. If you are not curious and do not try, you will not gain anything. You don’t have to be afraid. Not every ad is a scam. I think you’re smart, and you can tell if it’s trustworthy or not.

To create and operate an advertisement on the internet generally costs money, so you have to pay.
But they can be verified. All ads lead to a site.
You must check that site before joining. You can see “who he is”. If it has “terms and conditions” to use, you need to see if it has a mailing address if it has multiple pages posted with information for what it offers. And, also, you have to see the conditions for unsubscribing (they should be as simple as possible).
If that site has it all, then you can join with confidence. If not, then you can send it to hell, or more elegantly, ignore it. 🙂

Act as fast as you can because the first ones will have the most to gain. Apply as an American millionaire, and you will get a monthly income.

What can you do for yourself and get as much monthly income as possible?

Follow these few simple steps.

If you have a product site, promote it through the methods shown above. You don’t have a site yet, don’t worry. You can start without any. Or you can create a site or two for free by signing up for Traffic Ad Bar and LeadsLeap. And so you get all the free benefits described above.

– You can start your online business with affiliate products, i.e., products created by others and offered through affiliate programs. All affiliate programs are free. You will earn percentages from the sale of each product. Create affiliate links and promote them.

– If you have many affiliate links, you need to promote each link one by one. This requires a lot of work and time. That’s why it’s better to have a website.

– Create a website. For an authoritative site, you need to buy a domain and hosting. But for a start, maybe you don’t have money. Then create a free site. You can make a free site very easily on Blogger.com or WordPress.com. Now it’s easier to make free sites on Traffic Ad Bar and LeadsLeap, and you get traffic, autoresponder, subscribers, sales, and much more. Post an article on the pages with some information about each product, and at the end of each product, insert the affiliate link. Now it is much easier to promote the site once with all affiliated products.

– Search for affiliate programs. Where can you find them? There are many programs on the Internet, but the most used are on ClickBank and JVZoo. They offer the highest commissions (40% – 75%) compared to others. Or, if you want, you can get my affiliate program (with over 130 products), and I offer you a 100% commission.

Promote your site or affiliate links using the free platforms above. To get the money, you have to work hard for the first 3 months, for all the above and little by little you will get monthly income. Automate all of the above procedures and then sit back. Your work will be much easier, just for traffic. Don’t let yourself be beaten.

Conclusion: if you want to create a small online business, you can do it very easily and completely for free. Choose from this page only the free options listed above and start the engines. Work at maximum intensity for up to 3 months, and you will see results. Try for your satisfaction.

Are you insecure, or are you afraid to act? If you want to make money online, get out of your comfort zone. Many people who have tried say it is impossible to get income. But…
The most important reason why many people fail to do make money online.

All the things I showed you above, I applied and brought me great satisfaction. So, I know what I’m talking about. I worked hard (all day) for three months, upgraded them, automate them, and now only work one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening (only for traffic and getting leads).

With ambition, courage, and especially patience, you will succeed.

“If at the end of your life you regret not having done something and you have not fulfilled a burning desire, it means that you have lived in vain.”

“Dreams without goals are just dreams, and they ultimately fuel disappointment. Goals on the road to achievement cannot be achieved without discipline and consistency.”
– Denzel Washington

If you want to know more information, read other articles on this site, using the menu above, or subscribe here.

If you liked this article, make it known to your friends on social sites, using the buttons below. Thank you very much.

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