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How do you build a free website?

For any beginner, building a free website is the first attempt. Everyone started with this online.

The most popular free site building services are and

Domain and hosting can be obtained from one of those mentioned.
In both cases, they are free. Also, you need to know that the blog, site, or website built there does not belong to you; it is not yours. If you break a rule there, your website may disappear at any time.

If you choose, then the site will appear
If you choose, then the site will appear name site.WordPress .com.

But how will this site run? Why do you need it?

Before, however, an important statement…
What is the difference between vs. is the platform of blogs or sites hosted for free on, and the link to your blog will appear – is a platform (software) uploaded by anyone and installed on their own hosting (web hosting) through cPanel received from the hosting provider. Your blog link will appear on In this case, the domain and hosting offered by a provider is not free.

So, whether you are building a site with or, you have to follow the steps on their platform. Anyone can fill in the blanks there and can get a free website.

It is easy to install and configure a free website. It will not take more than 5 minutes to publish the site to be ready for someone who has done this at least twice.

This is a great opportunity for affiliates and resellers alike. Build your own website for free. Start with this first.

How do you know if your product or other product has market demand and will it sell?

I can give you a suggestion about how to do all this.

Here you can see if you’re a beginner. What are the first steps of work?
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Here you can see which tools to use.

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