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Perfection Keeps You Broke

Is perfection really what characterizes you? What do you need to be perfect?

“I want to do it right the first time!”

“I don’t know right now. When I learn how to do it, then I’ll create my site.”

“I can’t afford the automated tools to run my site and business right now. When I save up enough money, then I’ll…”

“I have to write the content before I can launch my website.”

“I don’t know how to do keyword research, so I can’t buy a domain name yet.”

“I have to learn about SEO, autoresponders, backlinks, creating traffic, and setting up a WordPress blog before I can launch my business.”

“I need to buy more books about starting my Internet Marketing business, so I can learn how other people did it.”

If you’ve made any of the previous statements, then most likely, you’re taking too long to reach your dream destination of owning an online business.

Yes, maybe you’ve visited sites that still have Latin words on them or links that haven’t been linked to anything, but guess what? The person took action. They did something positive. They started.

They figured they had nothing to lose by setting up a Blogger blog, or a Squidoo page, or any other totally free social marketing page just to get started.

Were they doing it right? Did they have all the tools in place and everything?

Probably not, but it didn’t matter because they weren’t perfectionists, and they didn’t know any better. They just tried something, and maybe they even made money at it.

The best part is that when you stay with something long enough and build one big site rather than create 5-10 different niche market sites every week, you will eventually make sales.

However, technology is changing faster than it did 10 years ago. If you don’t jump in and at least get your feet wet, then how will you live your dream?

Again, it’s all about your mindset. When you think you can do something, and before you convince yourself that you can’t, just put one technique into action.

If you don’t have a lot of disposable money right now, then choose an Internet Marketing option for less than $20 just to get started.

Maybe you can even find two revenue sources by spending $10 each. Just take one of those methods and follow it through. Don’t stop until you complete one task.

We all need to make a start at one point or another. Why not let it be a free place? Don’t look for perfection. Perfection, worse prevents you, pulls you back.

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Success in everything you want to do.

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