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How to get traffic with an excellent network?

If you ask online marketers what is the most important thing for their business, most 99% will answer – traffic. Yes, many say that traffic is the blood of their business.

One of the best internet traffic platforms is The Downliner. Below is a review of this platform.

I’ve been a member of The Downliner for a few months now, and I would have to say that I am highly impressed. I’ve been involved with a few other traffic coops; however, The Downliner is a complete game-changer.

So far, I like to use the text ads, and with that, I have consistently gotten over 50% click-thru rate with over 5000 – 9000 views in a 24-hour time frame, which has also resulted in a few sign-ups to my main businesses! Very impressive!

Ok, so what exactly is The Downliner other than AMAZING?

The Downliner is a traffic exchange coop that ultimately generates traffic to your websites. It is one of the latest breakthroughs in coop advertising and serves as an efficient and effective way of promoting while generating passive income for all members. It allows anyone to add their website link with stats then receive traffic from many different sources,, including PTCs, Safelists, Traffic Exchanges, Classified Ads, CPC traffic, and social media.

You can register as a free or paid member and start using the platform immediately. You use points to purchase traffic/views to your websites and earn points by either buying them or promoting your coop link.

When promoting your coop link, you earn 1:1, which is 1 point per unique view.

As a free member, you can earn 10% monthly recurring commissions per referral, and if you are a paid member, you can earn 30% monthly recurring commissions when your referral upgrades. Free members can advertise on 3 websites, and paid members can promote 10 websites in the campaign.

What makes this system utterly unique is that you can advertise your sites using banners, text ads (my favorite) and because we can post our sites too on Social Media. The social posts are shown on Twitter, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Pinterest without even having an account!

The Downliner has an anti-cheat system that prevents users from other traffic exchanges from using auto-surf bots to gain credits and a timer set with a recurring period valid for 5 minutes wherein views from the same surfers within that period are not counted. This ensures that your cooperative views are not wasted, and deductions for them come from unique views only from traffic exchanges.

The Downliner is attractively advertising The TE Coop and us. It displays our Gravatar photo, it shows how many points we just earned by displaying the site, and it persuades the viewer to sign-up to the coop and promotes their ad on thousands of sites daily, just like what we are doing here.

This is incredibly compelling to earn a 30% recurring commission from our referrals, and I assure you that everyone who tries The Downliner advertising would not cancel their subscription any time soon. There’s no need to advertise our referral link; we only need to rotate our co-op link!

Most members who joined find the best way to start is by adding a banner to the system then adding their own social links. Once this is done, you should add the sites you wish to promote. Once approved, your site will be in rotation on the network.

You have the option always to upgrade your account, and we only offer 1 paid option (except for the One-Time offer). Free members receive 10% commission, and Paid members receive 30%. The cost to upgrade is $9.99 per calendar month, costing much less than you would pay for a monthly membership at any leading Traffic Exchange or Safelist. The price includes 6,800 shop points equivalent to 5,400 Cooperative Views or two 30 day banner or text ads and is given each month you remain active.

Start promoting your websites now in The Downliner. I assure you’ll get compelling TE advertising and a consistent monthly recurring income.

If you want more traffic opportunities, visit this page.

If you want to get more leads to your business, join this great platform.

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