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How Much Would It Cost To Start The Road To Your Financial Freedom?

To begin the journey to financial freedom, you must be aware that it is not short. Your goal is financial freedom, but you don’t have to think about it from the beginning.

If you think only of the money from the beginning, then your chances will be zero. You have to think about what good things you could offer the world. If you offer something special, people will look for you, and so you will get closer and closer to financial freedom.

You can start with ZERO costs, but compensate for your work, preferably up to 70-80% of your free time. This is very expensive, but when you want something, then it becomes a normal thing.

Let me explain why I used the title cliché and this promising start. I’m not guilty; I was restarted about three years ago. We had a climax followed by a failure on several personal plans and got into the water. Bad! I’ve been looking for solutions to start from nothing, just with what I learned very little money. And finally, we got out of the way, but let’s get back.

Why did I say zero dollars? It’s simple:

– sure, you have at least one device with an internet connection (it’s full of free internet everywhere); you just don’t read this article being engraved in stone slabs. 🙂

– affiliate account in any network you want to do cost you nothing

– you do not need to have a website; you can use social media (Facebook recommended as you already know it, but Twitter, LinkedIn, Plus Google, Pinterest, Blogger or even blogging platforms WordPress, Medium, etc.) solved by some traffic.

And with zero dollars, you started the way for some money. How many things do you know about in the world? Obviously, besides taking a classic job.

Let’s say you have the talent to write; you want to build a site in a field that you are passionate about. That does not cost you too much.

Technically it would help if you had a domain name and a hosting package. If you want to start with a .com domain with an annual payment, it’s under $ 150 a year. Hosting for such a site costs about $ 3-5 a month.

If you are even stuck with the money, you can opt for a free domain, do not recommend this when you will put effort into your thing. The site you created is not your own; it is your property when you created it. If something happens to your site, an error, or it is shaky, they will cancel your site and delete your account. You can use them for other things, but not for something serious. HTML 4 Newbies

So with an annual cost of $ 200, you started your first project and the first steps in affiliation. Is much? I say it’s tiny and simple. But coming back, what does not cost you much money costs you very much like time. Here comes the passion thing… when you like something a lot, you do not feel like you work. If you work with passion, offer good things, and look for yourself, the money will get you financial freedom.

You are already in a future field, a growing field that will need people who have had contact with you online. You can be one of them, take a job here or, better yet, keep in mind that you want freedom and grow more and more towards financial freedom.

I think the same was the majority of what you read about; so many are starting now, but it does matter who cares about the long term.


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