How can you take advantage of your passion?

Are you passionate about something? Which is your passion? If you have a passion, you can take advantage of it. Even if you don’t know your passion, you can discover it. How do you do that?
Many people are passionate about a certain field. Because they are passionate about something, they seek to find out about that field. They look for specialized books, specialized magazines, newspapers, or news related to their interest field.

That’s what those who know what they want do and know their passion.

But many say they do not know their passion. That’s a problem, yet he should be passionate about something, but he doesn’t realize it.

The system of our society inoculated us with a stereotype of the conception of behavior in life, namely: to have a job, to have a family, to have a house, possibly a car. Even if you are not talented, even if you do not work with passion, even if you are part of a different field from the one you studied, it is important to wake up every morning and work. Because you have to ensure your daily living and pay your bills, installments, and other expenses for you and your family. And after work, what do you do: you come home, you eat, you watch TV or the computer, you take a shower, and then you go to bed. The next day you start over. In general, this is what those who have no passion do. A typical life, without any prospects, both now and over 10, 20… or until retirement, if he can.

In this lifestyle, physical energy decreases, boredom intervenes, others take on other nonsense to make their lives even more bitter, and memory and the intellect in general decrease and much more, and in old age, they look back. He sees that they have left nothing.

That’s what I did. I don’t think that I got rid of this stereotype of the system mentioned above. But 10 years ago, I did a retrospective of my life and found that I achieved everything shown in the previous paragraph. So nothing more. I regret that I did not act many years ago. I work on the computer for approx. 20 years. At first on the computer at work, and later I bought one.

But it is never too late. Although I am quite old, I still put myself in writing. I had this pleasure in writing from school, but laziness is the big lady. What do you think I did in this regard? Whenever I read a book, I always tell myself what it would be like if I wrote it too, because I had many topics and ideas in my mind to tell or discuss with old friends.

As I was telling you, for 10 years, I wanted to have my own website, put myself in writing, and make known my thoughts, worries, and passions. Get in touch with the world. But how do you make a website or a blog?

The story is long. Eventually, I managed to unravel the mystery, and I managed to build a few sites. A lot of people ask me how did I discover my passion? They want to know my secret. Here is the secret: – I do what I like, I don’t have a boss, I make my schedule the way I want, and I have unimaginable satisfaction. I can work wherever I want, provided I have this tool I write and an internet connection. I do what I am passionate about.
If you are in a situation where you are not satisfied with your life and do not do what you like, try to get out of the fog, find yourself, reconnect your mind, and find out who you really are.

Document yourself, apply for a personal development program. I know a lot of people run away from that. Such a program opens your mind and you will realize many things, although many of them you knew but did not know how to approach. I will write an article about how you can discover your passion.

If you have finally discovered your passion, then document yourself and make your passion known. Documentation does not mean reading a lot, especially useless information. Everything you write to make yourself known does not have to be a lot quantitative, but qualitative. Quality information that will satisfy those interested will solve their burning problems or bring benefits to their lives. Those people will always look for you. By giving quality information, people will trust you and even ask you for a fee to provide them with the best advice and information.

Ideas and passions will be discovered and developed along the way. You have to start from somewhere, from something, documenting yourself, visiting other sites. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Fallschirmsprung, Tandem Jump

For example, I created this site by taking several online courses. Then, I came up with the idea to make myself known globally, so I created 4 sites in a row: this site,, and a subdomain of it (
Another site on interpersonal relationships (
I still have 1 Romanian site for local business (

Also, I wrote a few tips to be taken into account before you create an online business.

To get more free traffic to my main site, I created other free sites on ( and

Through these sites, we managed, in approx. 3 years ago, we gained subscribers (and the list continues to grow) from all over the world, North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. Interesting! I didn’t think I would be so successful. I created relationships with the great players in the field, from which I learned a lot (courses in different fields in the form of text and video). The first relationship was a Romanian, then an Englishman, an American, and the last from Malaysia. Powerful guys. I thank them very much for everything I learned from them, and now I do the same. I offer to others who are interested. And there are many people with great interest in learning. Although I now know many of these areas, I still maintain relationships with these professionals. Do you want to meet them too?
If you wish, register on this site using the form on the top right of this page. This way, you will find out more about my activity, and you will meet these wonderful, dedicated, and very professional guys.

It’s harder until you start. In fact, you have to overcome the fear that any beginner has at the beginning, then everything flows by itself—lots of work – documentaries, weeks of courses, tests, and applications. In the end, I succeeded. At first, I learned a lot by watching free videos, but these were pieces of a course. I also learned chaotic pieces at random. I did not know how and when to apply, what the steps are in many technical problems. In other words, I wasted my time. The result was zero.

I wanted to have an authoritative site with domain and hosting. I didn’t want to have a free site because I created something like that, a few on blogger and WordPress. Years ago, you couldn’t do much on a free site because providers imposed some rules. If something doesn’t suit the provider, you may find that your blog is gone with all your work. But following the courses, everything became clearer, following the steps. Only a full course was revealed to me, and I learned how to do it correctly and quickly. If I had done this from the beginning and not wasted my time, now I would have had much better results.

You must not give in to despair if something fails you. I also made many mistakes, but I learned from them, and now I know how to avoid them.

I’m waiting for you to tell me something, in this sense, in a comment, if you found your passion, and if not, how are you going to proceed? Also, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me.

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“If at the end of your life you regret not having done something and you have not fulfilled a burning desire, it means that you have lived in vain.”

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Thank you, and success in everything you do.